Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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All our new stuff

We know you’ve been eagerly anticipating our new releases! So here’s the entirety of them:

MRC Super Brain 959 Delta Peak Charger ONLY $64.95
This charger is so revolutionary, it uses patented technology.
Soft Air Cybergun UZI for PlayStation ONLY $49.95
Compatible with all your Play Station shooting games and a great addition to the family entertainment system. And best of all, it’s FREE! with every purchase of $200 or more.
BE Steyr Military Airsoft Electric Rifle ONLY $34.95
This is an awesome Entry-Level Automatic Electric Gun (EAEG) with a stylish look. We’ve all been waiting for this one.
XL AK47 Spetz Airsoft AEG Rifle ONLY $29.95
These two AK’s are great because you get two of the same gun variants for the same price! This version is great for CQB or smaller more maneuverable combat.
XL AK 47 Airsoft Electric AEG Rifle only $29.95
The normal, long verion.
CYMA AK47 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG ONLY $29.95
This is an AK by the already well known CYMA
CYMA MP5 A5 Airsoft Electric AEG Rifle ONLY $29.95
An MP5 version by the famous CYMA.
SRC M4 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG ONLY $160.00
This is an exact duplicate of Tokyo Marui M4’s, but completely internally pre-upgraded. And it’s at an unbeatable price.
KJW M700 Police Airsoft Sniper Gas Rifle ONLY $224.95
This is a furiously fast gas sniper rifle that is half the price of Tanaka M700. It’s been updated for today’s shooter and you can’t beat the FPS on this one.

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