Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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New Charger, PlayStation UZI, Cybergun 0.12 g BB

We have the new MRC Super Brain 959 Delta Peak Charger. It’s a revolutionary charger, so revolutionary, it’s patented. Has a built in LCD and Dalta Peak Voltage Threshold charge. And it’s a great deal as well for only $64.95

We also have a new Cybergun UZI for your Playstation. It’s compatible with PS one, Playstation, PlayStation 2, and your computer. Compatible with many hit games such as Time Crisis, Vampire Night, Time Crisis 2, Night Endgame, Point Blank 1, Point Blank 2, Point Blank 3, Die Hard Trilogy, Resident Evil, Project Titan, and many more. Overall, it’ll work with most PSone, Play Station shooting games. It has electric blowback and can be FREE with purchases over $200. Quantities limited, get them while you can.

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