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New IB (Intellect Battery) Batteries

Just arrived, the new IB 8.4 V Sub-C 3800 mAH Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries and IB 9.6 V 1/2A 1200 mAH Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries.

Up to this point in the battery industry, these are the largest and highest capacity batteries on the market.

They are manufactured in China and have aready built a positive reputation and name.

Becuase these batteries are NiMH, they should not be “quick charged”. Of course, quick charged is a relative term, meaning it can be charged relatively quickly, however just not as quick as NiCad’s. For example if you do have a Delta Peak Quick Charger (Duratrax IntelliPeak or MRC Super Brain) it can be charged in just under an hour for the 1200 mAH and justunder 2 hours for the 3800 mAH.

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