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New NC Star Laser Sights

Annoucing the new NC Star Laser Sights:

There are 3 models, 2 for airsoftpistols and 1 for airsoft rifles.

First, is the most impressive, it is a weaver based rail that incorporates a built in laser sight with a quick detachabled flash light or illuminator. All for only $39.95. This is a great deal for what is included. Most flashlights cost more than this. This model is located at NC Star Weaver Rail Laser Sight & Light.

Second, is a standard weaver rail laser sight. It is composed completely of metal and has a 4 way adjustable laser. A great deal as well for $19.95. This item is located at NC Star Tactical Weaver Rail Laser Sight.

Last, but not least, is the airsoft rifle laser which clamps onto virtually any barrel. It’s $14.95 and includes a 4 way adjustable laser. Great for the springer rifles or just springers in general. This items is located at NC Star Airsoft Rifle Barrel Laser Sight.

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