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Systema Mecha Boxes ONLY Available at AirSplat
- Systema M4A1 / M16A2 Mecha Gear Box M120 ONLY $279.95
- Systema M16A2 / SR16 Mecha Gear Box M150 ONLY $309.95
- Systema MP5 Mecha Gear Box M120 ONLY $279.95
- Systema MP5 Airsoft Mecha Gear Box M150 ONLY $309.95

- Systema PTW M16 M16A2 / M4A1 Cylinder Unit M130 ONLY $195.95

New Items!
- Boy XM8 Light Laser Spring Airsoft Rifle ONLY $19.95

- HFC VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Spring Rifle ONLY $99.95

- FAMAS Light Laser Red Dot Spring Rifle ONLY $29.95

- UTG Master Sniper Airsoft Spring Rifle ONLY $89.95

- CA AK-47 SLR105 Electric Airsoft AEG ONLY $320.00

- HFC Mauser C-96 C96 Gas Airsoft Rifle ONLY $149.95

For a full list of specials please visit AirSplat

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