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January Specials: Happy New Year

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New Items!
MRC Super Brain 819 Delta Peak Charger ONLY $29.95
Electric Rifle Accessory Package Large ONLY $34.90
Electric Rifle Accessory Package Small ONLY $34.90
Boy XM8 Light Laser Spring Airsoft Rifle ONLY $19.95
HFC VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Spring Rifle ONLY $99.95
FAMAS Light Laser Red Dot Spring Rifle ONLY $29.95
UTG 870 CQB Retractable Airsoft Shotgun ONLY $34.95
UHC Tactical 9 Spring Airsoft Rifle ONLY $129.95
UTG MP5 CQB A4/A5 Spring Airsoft Rifle ONLY $39.95
UTG Master Sniper Airsoft Spring Rifle ONLY $89.95
BE HK XM8 Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle ONLY $59.95
ICS AK47 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG ONLY $294.95
Well AK 47 AK47 Electric Airsoft Rifle ONLY $59.95
Well M4 A1 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG ONLY $9.95
Airsoft Elite MP5 A PDW AEG / Airsoft Elite MP5 SD PDW AEG ONLY $239.95
Soft Air IMI UZI CO2 Blowback Airsoft ONLY $189.95
KWC Desert Eagle 50 Gas Airsoft Long Barrel ONLY $109.95
WE PHX High Capa 3.8 Full Metal GBB ONLY $124.95
– AE High Capa 5.1 Striker Full Metal GBB ONLY $119.95
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Tactical Airsoft Vest w/ Pistol Holster / OD / Tan ONLY $39.95
Condor Outdoor Jungle Boots Panama Sole ONLY $14.95
HFC M11A1 Suppressor/Silencer ONLY $4.95
Systema MP5 Full Tune Up Kit (FTK-99) ONLY $149.95
ALL 0.2g & 0.25g BB’s ON SALE FOR $12.00!!
WE High Capa 5.1 Model K Ver 2 Full Metal / Model M ONLY $99.95
– Airsoft Elite High Capa 5.1 Op Irene III ONLY $144.95
Green Gas 1000 mL HFC 22 ONLY $7.95
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