Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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The New ICS AK 47 Review

ICS AK-47 Full Size Airsoft Electric Rifle:

ICS AK 47 74 Assualt Rifle
The long awaited ICS AK-47 will be available at Airsplat.com in 2 weeks. This full metal and full size 1/1 replica fixed stock assault rifle weighs in at whopping 10 pounds is sturdy and heavy to hold. It includes 2 550-round hi-capacity magazines and also has a working charging handle which can be pulled back to reveal the hopup mechanism. Release it and the metal dust cover springs into place with the pleasant metal clinking sound.

ICS AK74 AK 47 Right Side

The selector switch is crisp and locks into place as the operator chooses to snipe a tango down range on semi or full auto in a CQB environment to clear the room. The rear sight is adjustable to engage hostiles at any distance. The built-in front and rear swivel sling adapters are metal just like its real steel counter part. Add the tactical 3-point sling and you’re ready to take anyone down.

It can take a 8.4 V 1800 mah Battery or a 9.6 large battery by sliding the buttplate downward. Upon chronographing using 0.20g BBs, this AEG shot a unbelievable 320 fps and 490 fps with 0.12g BBs with dead on accuracy. At 20 feet I was able to get 3″ groupings on burst fire.

This model features a one piece gearbox and, as usual, is Marui compatible.

In conclusion, this realistic AEG is a must-have for any mil-sim operators or just back yard target shooting.

For more information and the ICS AK47 AEG ownder’s manual www.airsplat.com/airsoft-manuals.htm

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