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ICS M203 Grenade Launcher vs. CA M203 Grenade Launcher

Classic Army & ICS Grenade Launcher

Comparison of Classic Army CA M203 Grenade Launcher and
ICS M203 Grenade Launcher

ICS M203 Grenade Launcher

Classic Army M203 Grenade Launcher

ICS Grenade 72 Round vs. CA Grenade 165 Shot Shower


Right off the bat, the two feel considerably different in weight. The ICS is only 1.25 lbs while the CA is almost a pound heavier, weighing in at 2.25 lbs. This is mainly due to the metal / plastic construction. While the ICS incorporates a metal frame and plastic PVC tube / barrel, the CA has a full metal frame and barrel. Below, please refer to the grenade launchers on scales and close ups of their frames.

These two views are of both ICS and CA grenades taken apart and viewed from both directions. As you will noticed, the CA is a solid aluminum block that is bored out, while the ICS consists of solid aluminum construction but with brass barrel inserts.

The CA grenade valve system consists of several small parts, including he valve, spring, release valve, BB restrictor. While the ICS has all of these components fastened securely. One huge benefit we noticed is that the valve does not ever have to be reset after each discharge. Where as the Classic Army grenade sometimes required dismantling to reset the valve.

The ICS grenade up close. Similarly the barrels are bored out, but ICS took one more step and put copper / brass barrel inserts for greater precision. All barrels are removable and one has been removed for illustration. In this illustration the valve has also been removed. This valve usually does not come out, unless pushed out or gas is filled in without the bottom casing. The ICS grenade holds 72 rounds while the CA has two version, one of which holds up to 165 rounds.

A blue version of the grenade. We weren’t able to find any difference other than color. The shell is blue and the barrels are silver, while in the silver version the shell is silver and the barrel is brass. Perhaps future plans for precision barrels?

Final illustration of 2 silver ICS grenades.

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