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Airsoft Press Upgrade Manuals and Airsoft Playground Tickets

First, we have an exclusive on 20 of the Airsoft Press Upgrade Manuals (, they are each over 100 pages with in-depth illustrations and walkthroughs. This is very exciting because, we as an airsoft community finally can have all our airsoft questions answered in one place from a dependable source. To date, this is the most comprehensive and in depth manual for airsoft guns. In fact, we are giving away 2 preview copies for the airsoft community to read and use as they please:

AEG V2 MechBox Upgrade (
AEG V3 MechBox Upgrade (

They are free to download and review, at no cost. If you’re thirsty for more, please visit for the full line of manuals.

Secondly, for all of those who are in Southern California, we now have Airsoft Playground tickets available. Normally at $20, we are offering for $15. Ten or more only $12 a ticket. Get them while you can, it’s a great deal for a great venue.

Other updates include a new HFC CO2 M9 (, CA AK Grenade Launcher (, UTG AK Para (, 2 new AK spring rifles (,

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