Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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New Airsoft Guns at AirSplat for March!

Deep Fire Precision Barrel MP7 G3SAS 182mm ONLY $18.95

AirSplat Woodland Burlap Leaves Ghillie Suit $89.95

New Line of GB / JG AEG’s $114.95 & up

JG Steyr AUG Airsoft Electric AEG MPEG ONLY $114.95

JG G36C Airsoft AEG Electric MPEG ONLY $114.95

JG M16A2 Airsoft Electric AEG ONLY $114.95

JG M4 A1 Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG Rifle ONLY $114.95

JG M733 XM-177 Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $114.95

JG M16 A4 Metal Gear Box Airsoft AEG Gun ONLY $118.95

GB MP5 AEG 200 Hi-Cap Magazine ONLY $12.95 GB M4 AEG 300 Hi Cap Magazine ONLY $12.95

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Limited Time offer! Only good through March!

BE Steyr SWAT Airsoft LPEG Gun Rifle (Please order 2 to take advantage of offer, no coupon code required)

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