Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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I am sure you all see a ton of photos of the war in the press, but I figured I would share some of my personal pictures taken from recent operations. I will add a small caption below each one, trying to explain the situation, but if you ever would like me to go into more detail about a certain picture, just shoot me an email and I would be happy to talk about it.

This was Company Sniper and me providing a ground unit overwatch while they conducted a foot patrol. Luckily we had Apaches and F16 fighter jets to watch our backs also.

This was my teammate and me on another rooftop providing overwatch for our guys on the ground. The main focus of my job is making sure our guys on the ground have cover from above.

I have a ton more, but I am going to have to run for the moment, time to do real work! Anyways…check back daily for updates.

Soon I will begin about a week long string of posts on basic tactics for small units. If there is anything you would like to see, feel free to shoot me an email! -Donnie-

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