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Airsoft Grenades, BB Claymores, Grenade / Rocket Launchers MP7

They’re finally here! We have a great April update for everyone. We’re sure you will be just as excited as we are.

Deep Fire Airsoft Grenade Launcher This is a first in the world! Supplies limited! ONLY $349.95

Escort Airsoft BB Claymore ONLY $139.95
Made in Japan, shoots 75 BB’s up to 130 feet! Cool video demonstration available.

Escort M26 Airsoft Greande & Escort MKII Airsoft Grenade EITHER ONLY $54.95

SRC T91 ROC Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG[/img] ONLY $239.95
This is an AirSplat exclusive, a very unique rifle used mainly in Asia Military.

Well R4 MP7 is finally here! ONLY $94.95

Thank you all!

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