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Rough Outline

A Forecast

Well I figured it was time I give a forecast to the readers in regards to what you can expect in the near future. Of course, there will be days when we go off on tangents and questions and such; but I would like to stick to a schedule of topics and lessons. So, for now I will throw out my ideas to give you a broad spectrum of what you will see. I am open to suggestions anyone might have on a topic they would like me to talk about.

I am going to start off with the first thing you should always start with: your equipment. I will give you the “do’s and don’ts” we use in the military on how to arrange and setup our gear; having your gear right is a great way to make your game very efficient and pay more attention to your enemy than your kit. I also can provide links to gear I know works great that is still decently cheap because I know that everyone has to perform their hobby on a budget.

After the gear I intend to start a longer portion with a basic walk through of SUT (small unit tactics). I will kick it off with ways to build your team’s structure in regards to how you operate, assign roles, and a good communication platform. I believe one of the most overlooked advantages in this sport is communication, if you are going to be on a team, then play as a team, and work as a team. If you and your teammates are constantly communicating this will lead to a substantial advantage over your opponent.

I can offer great practical exercises you and your teammates can use to practice movements and eventually reach a point where you start reacting to situations instantly and flawlessly. I can supply you with great literature to read up on these things on your own. If you’re like me, I love to get my hands on every piece of reading material I can when I get into a hobby. These will be great study materials to again increase your advantage on the field.

I will soon come up with a better form of organizing these lessons and write ups (hopefully a calendar) where you will be able to see when I will touch on certain subjects. I encourage you to email me with questions and suggestions in the mean time a good study guide to start with is Army (Field Manual) FM 7-8 “Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad Tactics”. If you start reading this in your spare time, you will be well up to speed by the time I reach SUT. If you would like a copy of the FM 7-8 email me and I will send it to you in a Adobe Acrobat file.

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