Tuesday 28th March 2017,
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An Offer

I know I said I was going to start talking about gear today, but I am still compiling good sample photos to use for that write up. Two days ago, in the last paragraph of my training timeline, I offered to email anyone the U.S. Army Field Manual 7-8. This 400+ page manual is an in-depth study of the Rifle Platoon and Squad level tactics.

This is sort of that “crawl before you walk” deal. Reading over this will give you great knowledge in the tactics that the real guys are training in right now. It covers how platoons and squads are built, how duties are assigned, and what everyone’s role is during different situations. However: the key to a successful team is not have 8 Rambos. If everyone has a job and knows how to perform it, the team will operate together, and give you an advantage over your opponents. I will go more into this when the time comes.

In the mean time I am offering this manual.
You would probably pay about $40 to get it at a surplus store but I am offering it for nothing. I elevate the skills of the mil-sim side of Airsoft so when I get home from Iraq, I have some worthy opponents. I am also putting out a special offer:
In 2 weeks anyone that is subscribed to this blog will receive the US Army Special Forces SUT (Small Unit Tactics) handbook .pdf, via email.
I will only release that one out in special occasions because it is a GOOD one! Has a tone of great information on how to operate with a very small unit. So seriously, type your email in that little box to the right and many benefits await you. I promise, I won’t let you down.


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