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August Specials

Happy Birthday to AirSplat! !!
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New Items!
ABS Mich 2000 Tactical Airsoft Helmet ONLY $24.95
Airsoft Battery Charger 12V 1000 mAH & 9.6V 500 mAH ONLY $9.95 / $6.95
Escort M18 Airsoft Claymore Grenade Mine ONLY $139.95
MKII Gas Airsoft Grenade Hand Grenade ONLY $54.95
Airsoft International Magazine US Issue ONLY $9.00
Tactical Airsoft & MILSIM Magazine ONLY $7.50
AirSplat AEG M9 M249 Ursula Mayes Poster ONLY $4.95
Deep Fire MK-II Gas Airsoft Grenade ONLY $59.95
Deep Fire M72 Airsoft Grenade Launcher Plastic ONLY $329.95
Airsoft M4 M14 M16 Weaver RIS Rail Mount ONLY $6.95
Ergo RIS Forward Grip Airsoft AEG Black ONLY $8.95
Deep Fire 6.02 mm Precision Upgrade Barrels Starting at $21.95
SoftAir Taurus PT 24/7 Spring Pistol Gun ONLY $49.95
AGM L96 AWP Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle ONLY $79.95
TSD SD87 Airsoft Pistol Grip Shotgun ONLY $24.95
WELL VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Black & Wood ONLY $54.95
KWA KSC G36C Automatic Electric Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $294.95
Well MP5 Super Hi Capacity 500 Round Airsoft Magazine ONLY $14.95
Systema Training Weapon M733 PTW MAX ONLY $1,495.00
GB AK47 JG AK Tactical Airsoft AEG Rifle ONLY $99.95
Classic Army M14 Scout Electric Rifle ONLY $275.00
Classic Army SCAR Light AEG Airsoft Gun ONLY $370.00
AGM M14 Scout Sniper Rifle AEG MGB Wood ONLY $124.95
Boyi M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Rifle ONLY $99.95
Boyi D-Boys M4 SIR Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $129.95
Boyi DBoys M4 CASV Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle / Full Metal ONLY $129.95 / $139.95
Boyi DBoys M4 CQB Airsoft Gun AEG Metal / Spec Ops ONLY $139.95
Boyi M4 SIR System AEG Airsoft Gun Rifle / Full Metal ONLY $129.95 / $139.95
DE HK UMP M89 Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $124.95
Galaxy MP5K PDW Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG / MP5K ONLY $114.95 / 109.95
GB M4 Tact RIS Airsoft Electric Gun AEG ONLY $119.95
GB M4 RIS Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $119.95
GB M4 CQB / PDW Airsoft Electric Airsoft Gun AEG ONLY $115.95
GB M4 SIR Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $129.95
JLS FN SCAR Tan AEG / Black Electric Airsoft Gun ONLY $149.95
JLS FN 2000 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG ONLY $149.95
KJW 1911 Full Metal Gas Airsoft Blowback ONLY $99.95
KWA G17 Gas Airsoft Blowback Pistol OD ONLY $119.95
Soft Air Taurus PT 24/7 CO2 Gas Pistol ONLY $59.95
Soft Air Sig Sauer SP2022 CO2 Gas Pistol ONLY $59.95
UHC VP70 VP70M Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun ONLY $119.95
WE 1911 Compact Metal / Goverment Model Gas Airsoft Pistol ONLY $99.95 / $89.95
Y&P USP P8 Gas Airsoft Gun Non-Blowback ONLY $39.95

Don’t Miss Our Sales This Month!
Airsoft Press Manuals and How to Guides ONLY $12.95
Special AEG Promotion – $25 OFF of Airsoft Elite, Classic Army, Armalite, Systema
   Coupon Code Required: AEGPACKAGE*
FREE KWA Magazine with gun purchase until Sept 30, 2007
Universal Quick Aim Electronic Red Dot Sight ONLY $6.95
LE CA 870 CQB Shotgun Laser RIS Shot Gun FREE!!
HFC M11A1 Suppressor/Silencer ONLY $4.95
HFC UZI Spring Rifle Airsoft Gun ONLY $19.95
ALL 0.12g 8000 & 0.15g 6500 ON SALE FOR $11.00!!
ALL 0.2g & 0.25g BB’s ON SALE FOR $12.00!!
Airsoft 6mm BIO BB 0.2g 1Kg 5,000 Bag ONLY $12.00
VFC AK S-74UN STD Electric Airsoft Rifle ONLY $359.95
Well R4 MP7 AEG Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $59.95
Well R6 M4 A1 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG ONLY $59.95
Well R7 M4 RIS Electric Airsoft Rifle ONLY $89.95
Green Gas 1000 mL HFC 22 ONLY $7.95
Bestek 1000 mL Gas (The New Green Gas) ONLY $6.95
WE High Capa 5.1 Model M Ver 2 Full Metal Gas Airsoft ONLY $99.95
KJW Mark 1 Ruger Gas Airsoft NonBlowback ONLY $69.95

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* 110% Price Match Guarantee only valid with same make and model Airsoft Gun or accessory within 3 days after purchase. Please make purchase online and email comments@airsplat.com with order number and link to lower priced airsoft gun or accessory. A refund will be issued to you for 110% of the difference between the lower price and our price. Only valid with US retailers and with in stock items (by both retailers). Shipping fees may be applicable.

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