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Rank Structure and Callsigns

Rank Structure In A Team

Lately I have been going through the more popular Airsoft forums. I see a trend and almost a certain reoccurring bicker about people wearing patches, rank, tabs, and anything that is still actually worn on a US Military Service member’s uniform. There is a simple and easy fix for this.

Here is a solution that does not violate or push to posing for a rank structure. You don’t need every swinging Joe to know your rank on your team. If you made it clear, then you have given the enemy the advantage of knowing who he is targeting.

I would imagine it is mainly for your team only, and maybe a few others at tournaments to know who to see if they have questions or information about your team. At any sew shop or patch shop online you can get SLAP BADGES MADE. These are either cloth or leather, the size of a Driver’s license, embroider with whatever text or writing you want on them, and have Velcro on the back. If you need a link to a good patch shop email me, they even have high-speed slap badges that glow in the dark.

Use your team name or whatever word you want it to represent. Take the first letter and last letter of the word. For this example lets use the word “HAVOC”.

So your abbreviation will be “HC”

The commander of the team is represented by the number “6” so the team captain’s rank will be “HC6”. Although his visual rank on the slap patch reads “HC6” on the radio for instance, his call sign is “Havoc 6”

Now onto the other ranks

Team Chief Enlisted (aka Sgt Major) = 9
Team 1st Sergeant = 7

If your team is a squad sized element, I hope your task organization is broken into fire teams. If so, number your fire teams with a prefix. If you have 2 fire teams you can number them Fire Team 1 and Fire Team 2 obviously.

If you are Fire team one’s Commander or “team leader” your rank will be “HC16” or “Havoc 16”

HC = Havoc
1 = Fire Team one
6 = Commander/Team leader

In fire teams the only person that has a reserved number is the team leader, which is the number 6, after that you can use any number to represent your grenadiers, riflemen, snipers, and machine gunners.

Rifle man 1 = “HC11”
Rifle Man 2 = “HC12”
Machine Gunner = “HC13”
Sniper = “HC14”

Fire Team leader = “HC16”

Lets say your team is smaller, ie 8–10, and not large enough to break off into fire teams. Your Command structure should be a Team leader and a Team sergeant. So their ranks would be

HC6 = Team Leader
HC9 = Team Sgt.


HC1 = Rifleman
HC2 = Rifleman
HC3 = Sniper
HC4 = Machine Gunnerect

Place the slap badges on either your chest rig or wherever you have some Velcro, If it were me personally, I would put them on the back of my helmet or hat so the team leader can easily make quick battle decisions and calls from his command and control position.

You guys catching on? This will create organization in your structure and it will also not piss anyone off accusing you of posing. Hope this helps. If you want more info on a great way to task organize your team, I can help you, email me at

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