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Scenario Homework

Mixing Up the Game Play

I imagine not everyone has the time to always go out to a certified mil-sim “Airsoft” field to play their games.

I can see in country areas where friends and teams get together to play in any piece of large property or woods that they may own. I have some ideas on how to make your games more interesting, entertaining, and demanding. Shaping your games after the mil-sim ideas I am about to propose will give you the chance to utilize the tactics and techniques we continue to teach and write about on this blog. These ideas can even be incorporated at fields and organized play once you plant the seed of the idea in the local players’ heads see if they like the sound of it.

I have always been a fan of training in my career. When we get to get all dressed up, board a helicopter or C-130, jump into a DZ and assault the OPFOR (opposing Force) with our m-4’s and blanks, it was a riot. It is so much fun to get out there and just kick ass with the men you work with. The reason why I never got into any action pursuit games (paint ball), was that I did not like the way they played, whether it was mil-sim woods ball or speed ball. Those games always turned into someone just holding up their weapon and firing as much paint in a general direction as possible. Where is the real skill involved in that? With these game suggestions I am trying to get you, the players, to play your games where you can be victorious by great planning and execution and not just sheer firepower.

If you plan on playing on the weekends or have set a date with some buddies to get together and play I suggest, if you haven’t already, that you pre-determine the teams. Then come up with a good scenario you’re going to play out at least a day before you actually play,. For example:

Team ONE:

You are guerrilla fighters in your home country. You need to get re-supplies to a drop off point so an allied force can pick them up at a later time. You have heard that there are forces in there area that have been tipped about the supply movement, so ambush is imminent.

Team TWO:
You are the nations’ military in which there is much opposition to. Your Intel units have gotten word on a supply movement by known HVT (High Valued Target) rebel fighters. You are to intercept the supply movement, and capture/kill all rebel fighters.

Both teams takes their playing location and picks out Point A, and Point B. The starting point being point A and their supply drop-off point being point b.

Team two does not know team one’s route, but you do establish boundaries and area in which this is going to take place.

Now it is up to planning.

Both teams have a goal that they need to accomplish.
One team needs to figure out a way to dodge a force hunting them while the other team needs to anticipate the most likely route to the drop off point and find the best place for an ambush.
If team two spreads their forces out too thinly and team one comes into contact with them they can very easily break contact, get to their drop off point and succeed the mission.
This is where the planning and execution skill is needed. This will challenge team leaders to utilize the tools learned from the tactics we preach. It will also make him familiar with how to deal with certain situations and how to task organize his team. (Task organization of a team will be a whole seperate write up)

Going out in a field and shooting all of your buddies in a free for all may be entertaining, but things like this build skill and forces guys to think. T

his is how we can build good, honest and skilled players in this sport. Milsim Airsoft is still fairly new and we all have the power to shape it how we want it to be. This gives us a chance to breed great military/ LEO leaders and operators in a game. So gentlemen, lets make this our sport and lets make it rock.


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