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Boot Overview

Footwear of the Future

I have been promising gear write-ups and finally they are starting.
I figured I would start at the bottom and work my way up so our first topic tonight is going to be BOOTS!! I will tell you my opinion on footwear: the goods, the bads, and what to look for when searching for the ultimate urban combat boot.

This is one of the few instances where the military as a whole has not quite grasped a decent concept yet. The special operations community has on the other hand, so maybe someday the conventional guys will see the light too.

The idea of wearing an 8” tall full leather combat boot is outdated. Yes, in Vietnam it was perfect, and was fairly waterproof to an extent, but now, with new technology and the fast pace of mil sim games, we need to keep up with the times.
Every regular combat boot I have ever worn is way too big, way too bulky, and you cannot be quick on your feet in them whatsoever. In a firefight, you need to be able to move fast, smooth, and well balanced. But when you strap an extra 45 lbs of gear on you, you need a boot that is going to compensate for it. So right now, throw all ideas of an 8” combat boot out of your head, we are ruling them completely out of being efficient footwear for the job.

**If you don’t believe me, look at the sport of backpacking, a sport that involves carrying a heavy pack constantly, none of the boots designed for backpacking extend beyond 6 inches. An industry with where tons of research and development goes into their footwear and they don’t have huge goofy boots that go up to their knees.**

I understand that many of you have to play Airsoft on a budget, so I will make sure I touch all price ranges. I will start though with the most expensive, the best, and of course my personal favorite. “The Merrell Chameleon” I wore this boot my entire first tour in Iraq. It was a dream come true on my feet. The sleek and angled shape let me easily recover from taking a knee with a heavy pack full of radios. You can take off in a dead sprint in a spilt second in them, and it has beautiful ankle support. They are waterproof, durable, and you feel like you can kick through a steel door when you put them on. I give this boot a A-freakin-plus! The Chameleon retails for about $140 and you can find it on The only drawbacks to this boot are, the color, but nothing a can of spray paint can’t fix, and they are a little hot. When I say a little hot, my feet were a little hot walking the streets of Mosul in 120 degree weather, so I think you will be fine.

Onto a cheap boot. Although this boot is very cheap it is excellent. In fact I am wearing a pair of these right now as I type. I have had them on since I got into country the beginning of January. This boot is; “The Original SWAT Classic 6” Tan”. Again a short boot, almost like a high top, but extremely durable. Mine have been through a ton of walking, and ton of mud, and a ton of crap since being in Iraq and they still look brand new! The Original SWAT boot retails for $69 and you can buy them at . Go to contacts page and call John Rogers for orders. He is a very nice guy and will get you squared away. Tell him Donnie sent you, you should get a good laugh and a funny story about me out of him.

Of course I have to touch the Oakley boot. The small Special Forces edition is awesome. But they recently redid their design to accommodate for Army regulation of an 8” boot… BLAH… They are very expensive for a boot, and really for milsim Airsoft, I recommend the Original SWAT, it is a good buy, cheap durable and gets the job done.

Well, I see I jumped a little too far outside of the box too quick. Sorry guys, it is my nature to think outside the way everyone has told me too. Just to give you some information on me, I was an active Skateborder for about 6 years. The minute I stopped skating, I started jumping out of planes. The point I am making is; my ankles are not in the prestine condition I would like them to be. In fact they are fairly weak. Even though I am making a point about low cut boots, I am not saying to sacrifice ankle support. Even though these boots are lower than the original combat boot, the ankle support is still beautiful, If not better. But if you do not want to take my word for it, especially when it could mean spending $140, I understand. If you would like to stay traditional, I recomend the Original SWAT 8″ Classic. I own 2 pairs of these. The best part about this boot is, you can walk 12 miles in them right out of the box. There is no break in time. These boots are like wearing skate shoes. These also can be found at for a retail of $70.

So what I am trying to get you guys to focus on for boots, is to completely rid yourself from even looking at the military market for boots. The great boots lie in the Civilian Hiking industry, because those boots are engineered for having extra weight on your body. I hope I helped you guys out,


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