Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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AirSplat Anniversary Specials! New GUNS!

New Deep Fire AEG’s have arrived!

Deep Fire M4 7″ CQB Electric Airsoft Gun Rifle AEG ONLY $369.00

Deep Fire M4 12″ MRF Carbine Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $389.00

Deep Fire M4 12″ CX Carbine Airsoft Electric Rifle Gun AEG ONLY $399.00

New Affordable Accessories

AirSplat Airsoft Chrono Chronometer ONLY $49.95

Airsoft Elite 6mm 0.25g BIO 3000 BB Bag ONLY $16.00

Systema TW5 MAAX Coming!

Systema Airsoft AEG MP5 TW5 A4 PTW MAX ONLY $1,100.00

New Airsplat’s Airsoft Gun Scrap Yard. It has come to our attention a lot of people want our defective guns for parts or to repair.  We are going to list our defective items and new brand new samples on eBay.  Please come visit at stores.ebay.com/AirSplat-Airsoft-Gun-Warehouse

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