Tuesday 28th March 2017,
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Intro To Teams

Task Organization

I have spoken in previous posts about the key essential of task organization and now I am finally going to explain what I mean by this. Task organization is defined by the means of a team leader or commander organizing his force, to match certain tasks that need to be fulfilled in the fight. Pretty much assigning everyone their specific role on the team. I have doctored this doctrine to fit more towards Airsoft and mil-sim games that are played.

I will use an example of a 9 man team/squad, just to make it broken out evenly. I would rather call this a squad because there will be fire teams in this squad and using the word team too many times could get confusing.

So you have 9 players. A Squad leader and 2 fire teams comprised of 3 riflemen and a Team leader. Here is how the team would look;

Squad Leader

Fire Team One Leader

Fire Team Two Leader

The Squad leader’s role is the overall commander of the team/squad. He is the one with the most experience and knowledge on the playing field or the one that organized the squad to begin with. He also is the one in charge on the field. He uses his skill and leadership to command his squad to work as a team and eventually be victorious in the mission. The Squad leader communicates directly to the two fire team leaders. He is the sprinter on the playing field going from team leader to team leader commanding the next move. It would be wise at minimum to have the Squad leader and two team leaders on a radio, this would make the squad leaders job much easier.

The Fire Team Leader is the commander of his small unit. He takes his orders from the squad leader and directs his men to fulfill the squad leader’s commands. A fire team will very rarely split up, they use their organization and numbers to work a fluid single unit and complete the tasks of the squad leader. When I get into basic tactics you will see certain moves a squad leader can make using his fire teams such as flanking and getting on line.

The Rifleman is the grunt, the trigger puller, the guy that sole job is to take an order and attack with full force. Now one thing to think about here is, if you are going to operate as an organized team, do not get the “Rambo” complex. You need to stay organized and stay on your team taking the directions from the fire team leader. Do not go off fighting the battle yourself trying to get all the kills by your lone. As we get into basic and advanced tactics you will see where the fire team leader will have a lot of leeway to decide how to approach and successfully complete his task given by the Squad leader. This will require the riflemen being always alert, and always ready for their next direction from the team leader.

This was the basic explanation of task organization, and tomorrow I will get into special attachments such as sniper teams and grenadiers. Then to follow on June 1st will be bucks 4 part write up on intro to sniper tactics. Again I apologize for the gap in posts but things are getting back on track now so have faith! Have a great memorial day!


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