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A Letter to the Readers

I would like to start off by thanking everyone that has left me a comment or sent me an email saying how much they enjoy reading the blog. If for any reason you did not get a response from me quickly, please send me another message because with the gap in work I was able to do on the blog, I have gotten somewhat confused to whom I have answered and whom I have not. This also applies if you have requested the FM 7-8 and not received it.

I would just like to give you guys a heads up that I am still operating in Iraq as I type. There will be times like this week where I have to focus on my real job and cannot get a free moment to sit down and do an article. I do not want to give the impression that I have stopped writing; I have merely become very busy. Today completes a hellacious last couple of weeks and I am exhausted. The heat has moved in and taken a toll on my health but I am on the up side of it now. As of right now I am back on schedule and should be able to get you guys out a new post every night. I will try my hardest to dedicate the necessarry attention to the blog and get the information you crave out so you can immediately start applying it to your game play. The month of June is going to be a big one with AT CT. We have added a new member; will be offering custom patches through Airsplat, and even start the works of creating a training camp we will hold in October of this year to physically come out and teach you die hard milsim Airsofters the techniques we use in the real world.

Today is Memorial Day.

Please take a moment to remember those who have fallen for us. I, for one, have lost many friends since being in the military and will be taking some extra time to thank them. Enjoy your day off, I wish I could be home with my family celebrating this holiday but duty calls elsewhere. I enjoy all your comments and emails; I hope you guys are learning a lot from my writing,

Thank you for reading,

Donnie T.

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