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New ICS L86A2 AEG Airsoft Rifle coming soon!

The introduction of L86A2 LWS
The L85 Rifle series have been issued to serve the Royal Marines Commando and become famous with excellent performance in Iraq war. The Rifle has bull pup design which has the character of the same barrel length and effective range. In the same time it reduces the overall length and weight. Now ICS is going to launch the L86A2 LWS AEG after ICS L85A2. The features and specifications of ICS L86A2 are below:

  1. Instant releasable and retractable sturdy bipod:As real gun style equip with instant releasable bipod which is made of sturdy material and has strong structure,the bipod can carry the weight of L86 A2 like the far right photo without question. Beside, the bipod can automatically be retracted by pushing the release button. An excellent bi-pod with perfect looks and functionality

  2. Instant releasable upper and lower receiver:The assembly/disassembly design is like real gun, The way of disassembling ICS L85/L86 A2 is just the same as the real L85/L86. You can instantly release upper and lower by pulling out two NL(Never-lost) bolts, and the circuit is interrupted with a connector when the upper and lower receiver is took apart.
  3. Instant releasable handguard: Only 3 simple steps, you can release the handguard and plug in the battery。

  4. Two stages emulated trigger:Just like the touch of real trigger, the action of trigger is same as the real L85/L86 A2. When the trigger reaches the position, the electric brake module responses, connects, and electrify. The electric brake is patented design which won’t burn away.

  5. Charging handle catch:The charging handle can fix at the rear by pulling it back and raising the charging handle catch. You can adjust hop-up when the charging handle is fixed. The charging handle is released when you pull back the charging handle again.
  6. Reproduce stamp steel gun body:The barrel base reinforces the structure of gun body. The whole structure won’t shock. And the receiver is made of stamp steel like real gun. The result is that ICS L85/86 A2 can support a show girl who is 45kg.
  7. HOP-UP adjustment:The new hop-up has crosshead, which makes it easier to adjust with crosshead screwdriver.

ICS L85/L86 A2 series specification

L85 A2 L86 A2 LSW
Motor ICS Turbo 3000
Body Steel Aluminum
Muzzle velocity 395fps /120 m/s
Length of Gun 786.5mm 912.8mm
Barrel length 483mm 550mm
weight(w/o battery) 3652g 4411g
Barrel Caliber 6.08mm
Magazine weight 200 kg
Pellet capacity 450 rounds
Spring M120 and silence piston
Gear Metal

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