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Paintball Marker / Paintball Gun Paintball Marker Paintball Gun Paintball markers or paintball guns, is the main equipment in the sport of paintball. Markers are powered by either CO2 or compressed air. CO2 tanks come in various sizes, but a 20 oz tank is the standard. Compressed air is the professional choice because of its consistent output. There are basically two types of markers, electronic and mechanical. Electronic markers have microswitches, sensors, and infrared switches in the grip to achieve short trigger pulls and high rates of fire. Mechanical markers use pneumatics, springs, and levers to achieve a similar result. Paintball Air Tanks CO2 Compressed AirPaintball Air Tanks Paintball markers are powered by the expansion of gas stored in a compressed gas tank. The two most common forms of compressed gas are carbon dioxide and high pressure air (HPA).Since carbon dioxide(CO2) changes back and forth from liqiud to gas forms, CO2 tends to make a paintball marker shoot more inconsistent velocities than compressed air systems. For this reason, compressed air (HPA) is the preferred choice for serious and advanced players.
Paintball Hoppers / Paintball LoadersPaintball Hoppers Loaders are hoppers that hold paintballs for the paintball guns to shoot. Most paintball hoppers hold 100 to 200 paintballs. There are two main types of hoppers: gravity feed and agitated feed. Pods, also known as guppies or simply tubes, which are simply rigid tubular plastic containers that hold paintballs. The most common pod size holds about 140 paintballs. This is to allow for additional paintballs to be carried with the paintball player while on the field. They come especially handy with trigger happy players or longer tournament games. Paintball Barrels UpgradePaintball Barrels A new barrel for your paintball gun is the easiest way to upgrade its accuracy and distance. The paintball gun barrel directs the paintball and controls the release of the gas pocket behind it. Several different bore sizes are made to fit different sizes of paintball and there are many lengths and styles. Most modern paintball markers have barrels that screw into the front. Barrels are manufactured in three basic configurations: 1, 2, and 3 piece.
Paintball HarnessPaintball Harness Harnesses or packs hold pods of paintballs for easy access and carrying. In woodsball, and especially in scenario paintball, a player may not be able to reload for extended periods of time. A harness with pods allows a player to have a portable supply of paintballs, without weighing down his or her marker with an enormous hopper. A harness for Speedball or Tourney ball tend to consist of a bellyband with hoops in the back for the pods. harness for woodsball may follow a more military look with pockets for maps, radios, and hydration pouches. Paintball Squeegee & SwabsPaintball Squeegee & Swabs Squeegees are used to clean out debris from the barrel and breach, usually consisting of broken paintballs. Most squeegees use a hinge-mounted rubber disc on the end of a plastic rod of sufficient length to reach the full length of the barrel. .A “Battle Swab” is used commonly in speedball for extremely quick cleaning; a double ended stick with soft absorbent fur is shoved down the length of the barrel to remove any performance hindering paint or shell.

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