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Ares One: Part Two

Ok, so it was back to the lab again. After a recent epic fail last weekend, I was really forced to start from scratch. While attempting to zero my rifle, a bb got jammed in the barrel and the back pressure actually managed to shoot the barrel out the front of the gun. I was actually more entertained and hardly upset. Call it an excuse to break the gun down and find out what went wrong. So this previous weekend, I finally found time on sunday night to really dig in.

I ordered my parts from and they finally showed up in the middle of the week. Installation was way easy but I feel after installing the new piston, that I’m not getting as much compression that I need. Even with no added washers, I saw a serious lack in power. Now keep in mind its only 50 degrees out and my mags were cold. more than likely, the conditions were not ideal enough to find my happy medium. I don’t want my rifle overpowered like it was before, but not underpowered either. Here is the good news, the velocity reducer does its job. With two washers, I was able to get my rifle shooting 290 with .25g bbs and 305 with .20g bbs. Ideally, I want to stick with .25g, but nearly ever field around here chrones with .20’s. The good news is that I can pretty much do it on the spot. I really need a good reliable chronograph. Something that will last and isn’t as touchy as mine.

So with the temperature in mind, 410-415 isn’t bad. I still like knowing that my rifle shoots harder than that. I wish that gas could be more effecient and dependable. Thats the one thing that electric has on me, is that the rifles are much more consistant. I have my electric back up rifles, and I will bring them when needed, but they will never be my first choice.

With all of that said, I wish it was warmer out and I wish the days were longer so I can work on my accuracy issue. With some guidance from Travis Humble from Cradle Airsoft, I discovered a page on the Arnie’s Airsoft Forum that had a genius idea: use two layers of heat shrink to wrap around the part that pushes down on the Hop-Up bucking to push down further. AMAZAZING. So once again, I went to work. All the while my new piston is setting in the LockTite. It worked, I mean, it fit with no issue. I just really wish there was more daylight to find out if the combination of a backspin created by a heavier hop up, a tightbore barrel, a heavier weight .25g bb, and the reduction in velocity, are enough factors to take into consideration when making an accurate god of an airsoft rifle.

Will post pictures.


Fixed my locked up D-Boys RK03, it was as easy as pushing up on the anti reverse lever. Also managed to finally install my Tapco Galil front handguard. Took some more dremel work, but once again, I got a square to fit inside a circle.

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