Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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My First Project: Ares One

Ok, as some of you know, I have quite the addiction to airsoft. I have had multiple projects from high rates of fire to velocity non of which have really gotten me anywhere. My addiction to high rates of fire made me obliterate two guns so now I’m left with a clean slate to begin what I’ve just dubbed as Ares One. Its not as spectacular as it sounds, and it really only proves that I am more nerdy than I should really admit.
My newest rifle is a KJW M4A1 Tanio Koba Gas Blowback rifle. It operates on Green Gas and is one of the most affordable and not to mention reliable GBB airsoft rifles on the market today. It clocks in at upwards of 470 FPS out of the box with .20g bb’s. Its proven to be my newest mistress as well….
PART 1: The Accuracy Issue
The gun comes with a 10 inch inner barrel. At 100 feet, my rounds will go anywhere. This is unacceptable. I thought my hopup was fucked so I took it to work and had one of my techs look at it. He couldn’t figure what was up, he pulled apart a working one and came to the conclusion that mine had a cracked upper receiver. No bueno….
I was able to go to my manager May and ask her to see if she could place an order with KJW for some parts for me. Sure enough, the next day she asked me how much I needed and when. Bless that woman’s heart. She is a saint. She totally got a new upper receiver ordered for me as well as two full hop up sets.
I figure I’m pushing too much power with a barrel that will provide little no stabalization with a round (.20g) that is too light weight. So I spent a few weeks hunting down a tight bore barrel. I found one at Tokyo Model Company for $40, but after weeks of no replies to my order or my emails, I said fuck it and got my dirty little fingers on a Deepfire 6.04mm AEG Tightbore 363mm Length barrel. Basically a full length 14.5 inch M4 barrel. Next came modification. It took a little dremmel work, but I pulled off with little effort. It fit perfectly. I couldn’t believe that I pulled it off the first time! The bucking and hop up fit like a condom! Ok, testing. The 4.5 inches didn’t do much for the accuracy. Lame. Still all over the place at 100 feet. Now, the velocity is something to be reckoned with.. I’m shooting 475 FPS with .25g bbs. Faster with heavier ammo! So some good came out of the first step.
I still think I have a serious hop up problem. I am still waiting on my parts. Update to follow on that. I have a few more theories that I would really really like to test. I want to try a full 20 Inch tightbore barrel. I want to try heavier bb’s, .35g maybe heavier if I have to. I’m also going to try a velocity reducer to see if reducing the gas will have a positive effect on my accuracy issue. I want to eventually set up two tightbore barrels so I can quick drop in my 20 inch and go! I can then cover it up with a mock suppressor!
The whistles go wooooo! wo woooooo!
I will post pictures as I upload them. Have they made a bluetooth capable camera yet?
Update: Pictures now up:
Brass barrel is stock, silver is the tight bore.

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