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My Weapons Listing…

Ok, if any of you were curious as to what my airsoft collection looks like:
1.) Echo 1 HK416 AEG
2.) Boyi Dboys SCAR-L Tan AEG
3.) JG Sig 552 AEG
4.) Echo 1 M249 Mk48 Mod 0
5.) Echo 1 M203 RIS
6.) Boyi Dboys AK74 Paratrooper
7.) Boyi Dboys AKS74U
8.)Echo 1 MP5K PDW
9.) KJW M4A1 Tanio Koba Gas Blowback
10.) KSC G17 Gas Blowback Pistol
11.) KJW 1911 Tactical OD Gas Blowback
12.) Tokyo Marui HK USP AEP
Ugh, I wish I could remember all of the upgrades that I’ve done to each but I can’t, so I’ve marked the most heavily upgraded in bold. I’m almost ashamed for posting this because it just makes me look that much more losery. Yes. Losery.
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