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Some of you may have heard, but I’ve pretty been pulled into an airsoft/paintball promotion team called Army of Six. Army of Six sponsors airsoft and paintball events all over Southern California, they’ve organized some of the biggest games with some of the biggest turnouts for numbers. Well, they’ve picked me up for an instructors slot. They’ve ventured into tactical training. Not to teach kids how to rob banks, but how to shoot right to improve their airsoft game and to better work as a team. We already have a lot of credentials amongst the 9 of us, between decades of paintball and airsoft not to mention the ones in the group with military experience: a few Marines, an Airborne Ranger, and an Army Infantrymen (me!).

To take our training to the next step, and to get everyone on the same page, we were able to contact Monte Le Gould of IMTT. He is the Director of Training for one of the most formidable training companines out there. It is owned and ran by men who have well over 100 years of combined Special Operations experience, not to mention the countless years of Law Enforcement and SWAT as well. Its amazing. Monte got us together for a weekend in Victorville to get us set up to be qualified instructors for the IMTT method. We pretty much crossed over into the threshold of operator class training and it only gets faster with less drag from here!

Our weekend was a success. I learned a lot. Even as a seasoned veteran with hands on room clearing/building to building gunfighting, it was overwhelming how much I wish I had known prior… Now, I am not getting into any details as far as what I learned (I could teach you, but you’d have to pay me), but I will say this, when our classes really kick off, there will be an elite member of airsofters on the field that will change the face of the game forever.

Our team still has a lot to learn and a lot to practice together and we have more instructional courses coming up over the next few months, but there isn’t a doubt in my mind of how epic this will be!

With work….

Work is good and busy. I’m still posting new reviews every week of airsoft guns. Nevermind that my name is Jake, I figure it would be less obvious than if I went with Elwood.

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