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Ares One: Part Three

My rifle is truly turning into the project gun that I want it to be. I really got the chance to break my rifle in over at Code:RED airsoft park in Colton, CA last weekend. It was eye opening how much work I had ahead of me. I was watching my rounds go alll over the place and my consistency was all but poor. I realized that my rifle was not set up for the fight that I walked into. A lot of induviduals on one team practicing Modern Warfare 2 tactics hosing people on full auto and cheating. I’m pretty much ready to sell that game on the basis of the bad habits that it creates alone. I also came to the conclusion that people need to be trained. Well trained. But that’s another story for another day. I did get my far share of confirmed kills that day on top of meeting several really cool guys that I am truly looking forward to playing with and against in the future! CROW and SS03 to call out some names.

After cruising around a few forums, the same conclusion was drawn, 12 inches by 12 inches at 120 feet is demanding way too much. I guess I’m aiming to high. When I measured out 120 feet in the backyard from my firing position, I realized how exagerated my expectations were. Adjustments were made and compensated and this is what it pretty much where I left off…..

I jumped up to a 480mm 6.02mm Deep Fire TB. I didn’t see much improvement. In fact, It was hardly noticable. So this lead to confussion and I finally gave heavier weight bb’s a try. I brought home a package of .28g Airsplat brand Bio BB’s. This seemed to work like a charm! Almost immediately, I noticed some serious improvements. I really started to regain my hopes that 12×12 isn’t really out of the picture!

I figure a pie tin is a good sized target and jungle of a backyard provides sooo much cover and shooting positions, although, I do have to make sure that nothing gets in the pool…

My Ares One project is close to being complete, but if you know me as well as some do, you’ll know that its never complete and there is always more than can be done. I won’t push the limits to far as to sacrifice my reliability, but I will be a force to be reckoned with.

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