Tuesday 28th March 2017,
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Jon Builds An ACR of His Own: Part 1

This story begins with a scrapyard pile of guns at the warehouse. Scrapyards to me are like flea markets, swap meets, and antique shops. You have no idea what kinds of treasure you can find. Two that I found in particular were two China guns. A JG Sig 552 and a Dboys SCAR. This story is about the SCAR, not the 552, the 552 I’ll review later.
it wasn’t until recently that I took an interest in my SCAR. I picked it up out of inspiration to make a Masada of my own. In case you don’t know, the Masada is a rifle that was designed by the AR15 accessory company Magpul. Magpul could not manufacture it by any means of their so they outsourced it to Bushmaster and Remmington. All three of them came up with a pretty revolutionary design. Its got nearly every Magpul accessory and is able to swap barrel lengths in a manner of minutes from 10 to 14.5 to 16 and 18 inches. A length for every application! I have now decided that I am going to do this too.
The Masada ACR has a very unique look. There are a handful out their for airsoft, but good luck trying to find one. More than likely, its ended up in the hands of some condecending brat. Fortunately, its not the gun that makes the airsoft player.The closest thing that I’ve come accross is the SCAR. A unique gun in itself, I figured this would be the best platform to build off of. Its got a short 10 in barrel, and a version two gearbox. It disassembles way quick, but the hardest part will always be pulling the gear box from the lower receiver. It has a ambidextrous select fire which makes it damn near impossible to put in and pull out. The gears have to line up perfectly or else they will not properly mesh and now it won’t go from semi to full or safe to semi. Very hard to work with….
To combat this, my rifle will be totally personalized for me. By that I mean it will be set up for a right handed shooter by pull the selector on the left hand side. Problem solved. The other issue that I came accross is this: the Deep Fire gearbox. Its reinforced and mostly compatable. Everything fits and everything that doesn’t fit was adjuted. The safety function is a tight squeeze. That I was unable to pull off, but I have some ideas. The problem is that there is not enough room for movement, so once you switch to safe, there’s no coming off it. The return spring to push the Safety off just isn’t strong enough. So I removed temporarily. Next problem? It now does not have a safety feature and always operates in full auto. In some eyes, that’s not bad, but I would still like to be able to walk on to a field with this. I fitted the gearbox with some 7mm Modify Bearings. So long 6mm nylon bushings. I’m also running an ICS standard ratio gears. So far so good. I got to thinking, where do I want to take this gun?
I want it to be versitle and I want it tough, reliable, and hard hitting. Rate of fire won’t be focused on so much for this one. This isn’t my racing gun. I would like it to be shooting around 430 FPS which will remind people that I am serious. The things I am upgrading are rather simple. The gun is already apart so I figured its time to add some new stuff. Here goes the list: A Deep Fire 6.04mm Tightbore Barrel, a Deep Fire Nylon Piston, a Systema piston head and cylinder head, a Deep Fire spring guide, and finally, an Area 1000 teflon coated cylinder. Tomorrow, my gun gets a makover starting with the paint job.
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