Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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Jon Builds His Own ACR: Part 2: Kerberos

So its official. The ACR now has a name. I’ve decided to label it Kerberos which was derived from Cerberus. Cerberus is Greek in origin and is the name of the three headed hound that guarded the entrance to Hades, according to mythology. Sounds good to me.

So once again, the gun gave me a few issues. I actually got off to a good start this morning while working out in the lab. I got both rifles working. I have been using Modify M100 and M120 springs, which Airsoft GI advirtises as 330-340 and the second as 360-380. Now, it could very well be my chronograph, but I clocked one gun at 289 and the second at 320. My first guess is that my chronograph was fucked up, or I’m getting poor compression. I thought for sure it wasn’t the compression because I’m using a Systema piston head, cylinder, and cylinder head. I’m also running a Deepfire cylinder head, Guarder air nozzle, and an ICS piston in the other. I went and clocked a stock Dboys AKS74U and came up with 350 FPS. Very confused at this point. Reclocked them again and came up with 335. I’m also using a tight bore barrel as well in the Kerberos. With that said, I left the 416 alone because it was working just fine.

Now, remember how I stated that I wanted the ACR to be shooting hot? Well I found the old spring from the 416 that had it shooting at 410 FPS. I placed it in the ACR and also corrected the select fire ( supposed to operate in full and semi now) and was given a whole new set of problems. The motor, which is a Systema Magnum, couldn’t pull back the spring. I find that very odd. I was not pleased with this. I tried four different batteries that operate other rifles just fine, but couldn’t get this one to work. Now, keep in mind I was using 8-4 and a 9-6 NiMH and NiCd type battery. I have one theory, that they aren’t discharging the amperage that I need them too. Which makes me want to take a look at possibly switching over to Lipo for the ACR. Only problem is that a Lipo battery could eat my gun alive. I am very content with the parts and I do believe my gun is heavily upgraded enough to handle the stress, but I truly do feel that its time to slowly change over.

I gave the Kerberos a nice Earth toned color and added the mock laser as well as my beefy green laser. You can actually see the beam at night! Great during the day as well. I also co witnessed it with my sight. My intention is to have this rifle set up for night fights. I am currently attempting to track down some night vision for it 😉

It has great feel to it. A very decent weight and I have more plans for parts to add to it. Pretty much all of the Magpul PTS products. I would like the Angle For Grip and the Back Up Iron Sight.



Its a work in progress.

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