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A Taste of Things to Come

So I’m always looking for inspiration for projects and future ideas. I have a few in mind that I am tossing around right now. I feel like extending my blog past airsoft into gear and those nifty tips and tricks that we learn from experience. I was thinking about a few other guns that I would like to add to the collection as well as a focus on some that I already have. I have an M249 that looks like a Mk48 that could really use some work. I also have an MP5K PDW that’s been totally taken apart probably beyond putting it back together. I can live with that, however, it would be nice to get another SMG in the house. I have a bunch of MP5 mags that need a home otherwise they’re just taking up space. So add a MP5A4 to the list. We could even go as far as adding an SD upper, sooooo now we’re looking at an ICS MP5. Lets go ahead and add a Steyr AUG A2 HBAR to that as well as an L85 or an L86 LSW. The list goes on…

I also want to start putting together videos regarding equipment and how to properly wear your gear based on my own experience with actual weapons and 2 tours of combat in Iraq. Not what Airsoft GI’s Tim says you should do. That guy is an idiot and wouldn’t know the proper place for a radio headset, dump pouch, or how to pack a fucking rucksack. I bet he doesn’t even know what a tie down is. He is however, the kind of guy that will carry a GPS unit with no extra batteries or a compass. And if he had a compass, his rifle would be slung in front of him (if you don’t know why you shouldn’t do this, go ask your teamleader).

With that said, I am doing this for you guys. Yall need to learn proper load outs and to avoid wearing a ghillie suit to CQB fields.

To Do List

1. ICS MP5A4 w/ SD Upper
2. M249 Mk48 Mod 0
3. Steyr AUG A2 HBAR
4. ICS L85/L86 LSW
5. Classic Army M16A4
6. JG Sig552 Rebuild/Refurbish
7. Build a new LCE/LBE
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