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Kerberos: Part 2

The Kerberos rifle came together pretty nicely. However, it still has a lot of issues that need to be worked out. My goal is to be able to use this rifle in an upcomming even the weekend of the 23rd. I’m currently short on a rifle that I would like to use. My KJW M4 is ideal, but I came across mulitple problems during the 8 hour weapons package. I’ll go into detail regardint that in a little bit. I would love to bring the SA58, but due to the nature of the game, Hicaps are not allowed and for whatever reason, they don’t exist (funny note, when players demanded a midcap magazine instead of the 500 round hicap, what did Classic Army do? They came out with a 1000 round hicap, good one fellas). SOOOOO I’m bringing the Kerberos, assuming that I meet this deadline. I have no doubt that I will deliver.

When I left off, the Kerberos could hardly pull its spring back. I gave the rifle to someone I work with, Eddie, and he used his magic hands to get the rifle shooting. Not sure how he pulled that off. I clocked the gun at work and it was shooting at 300 FPS. Clearly, something is incorrect. I trust the equipment at work, so with that said, I’m started digging around to figure out a possible cause for such a severe drop in FPS. I got the rifle stripped down last night and got a plan of action going. I have a quick list of what modifications to address the problem at hand.

1. The gearbox needs to be properly shimmed.
2. The wiring needs to be replaced with low resistance lower gauge wire and Deans plugs.
3. The compression inside the piston needs to be fixed.
4. A MOSFET will be installed as well.
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