Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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Lessons Learned

Sooo here are some lessons learned from the past few nights spent on the Kerberos Project…

1. Soldering irons are hot, don’t touch them.
2. Direct pressure stops bleeding, blood stains clothes.
3. 14 AWG wiring will not fit in a gearbox.
4. Its generally advisable to test the gun before you put it all back together.
5. Airsoft Press and Eddie are a great resource, even if both of them make you feel stupid.

I re tackled Kerberos last night and tonight. Yesterday, I rewired the gun. I made the smart move of pulling out that 14 gauge wire and replaced it with 16 gauge. I picked up the wire from a hobby shop in downtown Covina. The guys there seem to recognize me…. I really dig how RC car wire is so flexible. It makes it so much easier to fit nicely and manipulate. Deans plugs are great invention too. I’m slowly going to change over all of my batteries and guns to them.

Deans plugs give a much better surface contact which means a better flow of voltage which in turn makes the motor spin harder and faster.

I also did some hunting for some O-rings and found them at an auto parts store. The Systema Piston and cylinder had no compression. It was way easy to pull them around and manipulate them. I added an extra o-ring in hopes that It fix the problem. It did, but created a whole slew of others….

Even with the better flow of juice from the battery to the gun, it heated up quick which means it was drawing too many amps. I really didn’t think anything of it until this morning when I chroned the gun at work and came up with 190 FPS. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed and discouraged. After browsing the Airsoft Press Manuals, I discovered that if the O-ring is too large, then it will create too much friction and it will cause a severe loss in power.

With an M120 spring in hand, I pulled the gearbox apart only to find that the o-ring on the gun was all cracked and what not. Needless to say, it was replacd with a ring that fit. After the spring and o-ring swap, the gun is works at a very satisfying 360 FPS. Much better. Even with my Op coming up next week, I’m having a hard time figuring out which gun that i would like to take. I really want to take the Kerberos, but I really want to take the KJW out. I’m just hoping my KJ is shooting better than it was last weekend. Again, different story for a different night.

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