Tuesday 28th March 2017,
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The Mercian.

Project Complete. I finally finished the gun after it spending nearly 2 weeks in peices and multiple gearbox tear downs and rebuilds. I finally got a true taste for a properly shimming a gearbox. With some expert advice from a guy named Doritos, he suggest that I start with the bevel gear since it spins the fastest. Sure as shit, I mounted my more case with the motor half installed and shimmed it that way. Its so much easier when you have the pinion gears in full proper contact to base the rest of the gears off of. I wish I had thought of that first. Again, this project, blog, and hobby are all about learning. Hopefully those of you reading will pick up what I’m learning as well.

I also made a dramatic change. I kept the original gearset. I am not messing with the Systema Hylicals anymore. They’re damn near impossible to shim and lock up way too easy. With that said, I also was told by Doritos that JG’s XYT gear sets are extremely sturdy and reliable. too bad my XYT’s seem to have burrs and get stuck on each other. I reassembled the gun and its working well with an M120 spring. Its clocking in nicely at 365 FPS which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish. My last addition to the rifle was a QD Gemtech Suppressor. I picked it up from my friend Quick who traded a tac light for it. Fair if you ask me. With the scope and suppressor mounted, it is one mean looking rifle. I cannot wait to get it battle tested.

I’m also happy to report that the Kerberos rifle held up extremely well at Operation Hail Mary 2. The game had a great turnout. I ran with some really talented players and fought against some very well seasoned teams. However, I must say, we were pretty damn good at keeping their asses on the run even though I’m almost certain we failed at our objectives. In either case, it was still a great game. The ACR really did what I wanted it to do. It was shooting slow. They clocked it at 305 with .25g bb’s. I’m ok with that because they were straight as hell and were penetrating concealment. My biggest complaint was my magazines. I was using 68 round low caps. I was burning through ammo so fast. I would like to have at least 120 rounds per mag next time. It makes me consider switching over to the Magpul PTS midcaps, if they weren’t so damn expensive. I also really want to get a stiffer hop up kit as well. sigh…..

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