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Kerberos and my Trench Gun

So with summer, coming up, night games are going be a much more common occurence. I’ve given my Kerberos a bit of a touch up to really give my night fighting a much better edge. I’ve equipped it with an SRC tracer unit, a high powered green laser, and a 200 lumen UTG LED tactical light. I have yet to use it in a night game, but I can’t wait to! The laser is totally visible at night. So visible you can see the beam. Most people would call this a bad thing, but I feel that it will give my teammates a better idea of what the hell I am shooting at. The tracers will operate in the same manner. I’ve peppered them with non-glow in the dark bb’s so they don’t always give me away. Not that it matters because the tracer unit has a muzzle flash anyways. The tactical light will be great because it will be my flood light. It’ll ruin anyone’s night vision and may even shield those of us behind it because of the wash out it’ll create. I’m pretty excited to get a chance to use it!

The grenade launcher is probably my most under appreciated tool in my arsenal. Its also probably the most frowned upon device at most games. Its useful in the sense that can launch nerf style projectiles in an indirect fire method allowing kills while the enemy is behind cover. A lot of fields don’t take that into account. It also can project 204 bb’s in a shotgun style as well. Again, a lot of places don’t allow you to shower people. Some CQB fields don’t allow M203’s because “you wouldn’t use an actual grenade launcher indoors.” HA. Yeah right. I might not use it to clear a room, but if I have a M576 Buckshot round available, I’m going to use it to breach a door or clear a room. If I am taking fire from a room down a hallway, yeah, I’m going to land a goose egg in that room if I have to. Essentially, the M576 is the exact roll that I will be using it for. I plan on arguing this one to death. Eventually, I want to be able to carry 8-9 of these with my load out. Ever see Miami Vice? Jamie Foxx will have nothing on me.

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