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KWA Explained

Many of us are aware of the difference, or lack thereof, of KWA and KSC. But did you know that there are also a few differences within KWA depending on the destination of export?
In the US, the main supplier of KWA products is KWA USA. The products distributed through KWA USA ( are stamped with the KWA logo. This is likely to prevent any legal troubles such as copyright.

KWA is based in Taiwan and all of their guns are manufactured from Taiwan. No matter where the export destination is, it will be made in Taiwan.

Occasionally items originally manufactured for a specific region are diverted into the US. Besides KWA USA, some from KWA Hong Kong (, and from KWA Taiwan have been found here in the US, and are not imported through KWA USA.

That being said, regardless of the original destination, all of these guns are virtually identical. The only difference is a slight difference in the trademarks. As stated previously, the KWA USA models have just the KWA logo, but those from Taiwan, and those intended for Hong Kong have more realisitc trademarks. See below for more details.

KWA USA Model – Notice that there is only the KWA logo, model number, caliber and a serial number ending with the “US” Suffix for designation of original destination

KWA Taiwan Model – Features the Eagle, Globe & Anchor of the US Marine Corp. Also features real steel 5.56mm Nato Caliber markings and a serial number with a TW suffix, for Taiwan.

KWA Hong Kong Model – Similar to that of the Taiwanese version, due to relaxed copyright laws, it features the Eagle Globe & Anchor or the US Marines, a KWA model number, real steel caliber markings, and a serial number ending with the “HK” suffix for the Hong Kong designation.

Now even though they are all marked slightly differently, these are all from the same factory. They are identical except for a bit of ink.

Now it’s important to remember that the HK and TW versions are not distributed through KWA USA, and therefore are not covered under their KWA USA’s warranty. Make sure you know the warranty policies of the retailer you are purchasing from. will have a 30 day warranty on any KWA products purchased, regardless of original destination, US, TW, HK or otherwise.

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