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Merician: Final Outcome

This is the Mercian in its final stage. As you can see, I have it fitted a few new cool toys. First, the 1000 round hi cap magazine. Its pretty rediculously large. Most of the games that I play don’t allow the use of Hicaps, but exceptions have been made. Anyways, it looks totally rediculous and It was a must have for me. Second, you can also see the Madbull Quick Detach Supressor. With it removed, the rifle is way compact. I could easily use it in any cqb field. The sight is more or less going to be used as a substitute for Binoculars. I can use it for a combat, but I would really prefer it to really see further. Its one thing that I wish that I had in the last game that I attended. Anything to give myself and my team a better sense of what is going on.

Via Blogatron
Via Blogatron

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