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Update of Planned Projects

Yeah yeah, I know, I’m changing mind constantly regarding what I want to do. I’m ever so picky, I know. First things first, I am planning on an SMG. My ultimate goal would be to secure an ICS MP5SD6 with an A5 upper. This isn’t out of the question because we have them available at work. My next rifle after that will be an M16. I’ve already made up my mind. I did a lot of debating on this one. I am pretty torn between G&G or Classic Army. The Classic Army M16A4 has that awesome rail system that I would totally crave, but the G2 is more affordable. The problem I guess is that if I do go with the G2, I’ll have to find a forward RIS. Not a big deal I don’t think, and the money that I would spend on it would pretty much put it at the same cost as the Classic Army. Tough choice if you ask me.

Now, onto my current project: The JG Sig 552. It was my original high speed gun. I don’t need a high speed gun. In fact, unless it fires 1400 rounds per minute out of the box, then I don’t want to deal with it. I like my 552, however, its currently giving me issues. I am not getting proper compression from the cylinder so I swapped out the O-ring. The gear box locked up on me almost immediately. Sooo tomorrow, I have to dig into it and find out if its really going to be worth it. Now, I absolutely hate taking it apart. Disassembling that rifle is probably my least favorite thing to do. Its a pain in the ass and is incredibly over complicated. I try to avoid it as often as possible. With that said, I don’t know why I pulled it apart to begin with. The internal parts are holding up well even for as fast as its shooting. However, when I hooked it up to a Lipo battery, I got a boat load of feed issues. Guess I’ll be sticking with a 9-6. If I can get the gun running appropriately, I’ll keep it. However, if I am unable to accomplish this, I will scrap the rifle and install the gearbox into one of my AK’s. This might not be a bad idea because I’ll have a second spare gearbox available if I ever burn out my first. AK’s are incredibly easy to work on, and it would make a great CQB rifle if I can get it to work. If I decide to scrap it, then i’ll be purchasing an ICS Sig 552 Commando from work. And once again, my armsroom will be up, yet another rifle.

My other goal is to finally build an armsroom. I want it to look and feel like the armsroom that I ran in Hawaii. I want my desk/work bench and I want weapons racks that will allow me to store my guns in a secure and organized manner. I plan on building them out of wood and other shelving accessories. It will be a fun trip to to Home Depot.

Lastly, I plan on picking up a lot more ammo this week from work. A lot of .20g, some more glow in the dark, .23 and .25 and Gas. I would also like to get more ammo cans for organized ammo storage. M&I surplus, here I come!
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