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Mk48 Mod 0: Pipehitter’s Support Weapon

Its tottally been forever! Like a month! Almost! Although I doubt any of you were anxiously waiting. Anyways, this first set of photos is of my Mk48. Yeah yeah, I know, its an Echo 1. As much as I dislike the brand, its incredibly reliable. I kept a lot guys pinned down last sunday at California Paintball Park. Hopefully I’ll get to use it in an upcomming night game in Castaic (You know you want to attend. Just ask me for the details.) Anyways, The support weapon has pretty much stayed the same. I’m running G&P rails on it which were a pain in the ass to drill and mount…. And my EOtech holographic sight currently sits on top. It’s heavy as hell, but in a support role, its very very… well, supportive. Its a very concrete platform that ever team needs! The internals haven’t changed. I know its running an 8mm gearbox, and from what I hear, they’re lipo ready out of the box, but we’ll test that. I’ve also pulled off the front sight post and tossed a suppressor on the front of it. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve been running a suppressor on this gun about 2 years before Modern Warfare 2 ever came about so with that said, fuck you to everyone who thinks I mimic what I find I see in that goddam game. Enjoy!

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