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All New ICS MX5-Pro Series AEG

ICS MX5-Pro Tactical and MS1 ICS-018/019

The most important AEG products in 2010 are definitely the new ICS MX5-Pro and MS1. THe ICS MX5-Pro incorporate the most advanced tecnology and manufacturing processes. It’s not easy to match our mission statement, “The best thing we create”. But with our vast investments into research and development, our engineers put together the effort to find the key to success. We’ve solved many problems during the design and production processes and can now bring this masterpiece to the players.

Reproduce the stamped steel body design
When ICS designed the MX5-Pro, our top priority was to represent the detail of a real firearm. Therefore, the MX5-Pro was built to the same standards as a real firearm. ICS uses the same grade stamped steel as a real gun to make the ICS MX5-Pro. The 1mm tick stamped steel and welding process brings both the appearance and feel of a real gun. Because of the construction, the MX5-Pro is as sturdy as a real gun.

The lower receiver of the MX5-Pro is a brand new design. ICS has added a stronger and more elegant outine for the reeiver of the gun. It has been designed with a new style and overall comfort for players. The original design is also available.

ICS Patented H2E High Efficiency & Effective Electronic Control Tri-Burst Technology
Because of the limitation of engineering and physics, it’s not easy to combine electronics and mechanical components within an AEG. However, with the brilliance of the ICS engineering team, we have come up with the H2E Electronic Control Technology. The ICS MX5-Pro is the first to utlize this H2E technology. This technology allows for the revolutionary tri-burst shooting mode. Again, this is a push to reproduce the detail of a real gun. The ICS Exclusive patented H2E electronic control system can regulate voltage, increasing the battery life, limit power consumption and increase the life of the motor. It also has high durability and is resistant to humidity. These features make the H2E the best solution for tri-burst shooting modes.

ICS Exclusive Split Gearbox Technology
The ICS MX5-Pro is also equipped with the ICS Split gearbox technology. The way of disassembling the ICS MX5-Pro is similar to a real gun. This is a very important design for airsoft players. Some players want realism not only based on appearance, but also the operation and function of the gun itself. There is some doubts of the durability of the split gearbox technology. You will find that the doubts are just suspicion. 90% of the ICS internal parts are compatible with standard aftermarket parts. You don’t need to worry about the supply of the parts. The durability of the split gearbox has been proved by airsoft players over 8 years of pratical operation. Here is a video test of the ICS Split gearbox to show it’s strength without the upper and lower receivers:

ICS Quick disassembly/assembly design
ICS design the new pin for MX5-Pro to make it easier and more convenient. From now on you only need to push the rear pin to pull out the upper gearbox. To disassemble the entire gun, you just need to push out the front pin after that, just like the real thing. It’s so easy to take apart and maintain. It only takes a few minutes to do a complete maintenance service.

Advanced Electric Current Break System
The upper and lower receivers of the MX5-Pro have electric current connection points. The electric current goes into the motor only when the upper and lower receivers are assembled. The electric current is disconnected when the body is opened. The advantages are 1. Reducing the wires on the inside of the bodies, increasing the convenience of maintenance. 2. Increase safety when disassembling the gun.

Super convenient spring tension release function
Now you can find the useful spring tension release function on the ICS MX5-Pro. One of the famous functions on ICS M4s is the functional forward assist knob which releases the piston spring tension after shooting. This funciton is greatly appreciated by airsoft players. It not only saves players a lot of time when releasing spring tension after shooting, but maintains the elasticity of the spring. Now the MX5-Pro has this function. Each time the gun is put into safety, the spring tension will be released.

MX5-Pro Tactical MRS and SFS Stock
ICS designed the brand new MRS (Modular Rail System) forend and the SFS (Sniper Folding System) stock. This allows the ICS MX5-Pro to have new tactical accessories to respond to the demand of different missions. The MX5-Pro tactical handguard is an instant disassembly/assembly design. You can put in a 3-3-2 / 9.6v Ni-MH battery by pulling out just one pin. Other kinds of batteries, such as LiPo batteries are also compatible. The MRS features the standard picatinny 1913 rails to mount any tactical rail accessories. You don’t need a tool to just for the three different heights for the cheek rest, and four different lengths for the stock. You only need to push one button to adjust the stock. There is also a quick detachable sling attachment point. The stock can also be folded for compact transport. It is very suitable for CQB missions.

Reproduce the real steel retractacble stock
ICS Also redesigned the retractable stock for the ICS MX5-Pro. The new stock is made of stamped steel. The whole structure is more durable and rigid. It can susstain violent operation. The butt plate is injection moded like the real thing. It is more durable and rigid, and looks great. The retractable stock is fixed on the adaptor when you shorten it to the end. You can release the stock by pusing the adjustment lever.

Repleaceable Sight Post
The front sight also imitates real gun sight structure. The sight post is replaceable. The ICS MX5-Pro comes with six different style sight posts for players to change according to their preference. The rear sight for the ICS-19 is a new design. The new shape of the ICS-19 rear sight features an adjustable peep sight.

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