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My Gear

Some of you have been curious as far as the type of gear that I skirmish with. Well, that is an incredibly broad topic. I have multiple set ups for multiple different games and uniforms and conditions. My first set up is my LCE. Its a standard Army issue pistol belt with ALICE type attachments. I have three magazine pouches, one holster, two canteens, and a buttpack. I like having the belt sit a little high at the waist because its easier to get in the prone and still reach for magazines. I save this kit for outdoor play. I usually use it with a Navy SEAL vest worn underneath. The vest is honestly only for looks. On the back, I put my Pipehitters Union membership logo. Its a lightweight set up that I have used consistently over the past year.

The second rig that I have is manufactured by SOTech out of Carson, CA. These guys make custom gear for operators. They are geniuses in innovation down there. This particular plate carrier is actually a two-piece set up. The chest rig is a Tomcat Mk 3. It can carry twelve M4 magazines double stacked across the front and the depths are adjustable depending on the mags that you use and can very on the weapon system. I’ve used AK and FAL mags with no issues! The second half of the unit is the Callahan Plate Carrier. The Tomcat weaves perfectly and intentionally right into the front. It can carry two large type SAPI plates. It fits comfortably and this was the plate carrier that I used on my second deployment to Iraq. Its incredibly tough and held up well throughout the deployment and through its continued use. I highly recommend SOTech if you can afford it.

The last rig is my new addition to my gear. It is an Eagle Industries Maritime CIRAS. It is incredibly comfortable. More so than the IOTV. Its very modular and can be adjusted for pretty much any situation. I intend on using this both indoor an outdoor. This is standard issue for SOCOM. I have moved most of my MOLLE pieces over from my Tomcat to this one. I have a shingle on the front that carries six mags as well as a double mag pouch on the side made by Paraclete. The admin pouch and utility pouch on the side are both made by TAG. The hydration carrier is made by Blackhawk. Blackhawk generally isn’t my first choice in gear because its made overseas and tends to fall apart. I prefer American-Made tactical gear. The smoke grenade pouch is also made by Paraclete. Because I can’t afford soft armor inserts, I used foam to fill out the vest so it holds its shape properly. There is nothing I hate more than a saggy vest. I haven’t gotten a chance to battle test this one yet, but as the days get cooler, expect to see me on the field more often. The flag is one that I had with me overseas. I still have my blood type and battle roster number listed on the back of my hydration pack as well. The red reflective tape is for our night games to help differentiate between teams.

As you can tell, I am a bit of a purist when it comes to gear. I am very willing to spend money on military grade equipment because there is the possibility my life may rely on it further down the road with my chosen career path and not airsoft. I hate cheap gear. I understand that a lot of players don’t have the money nor do they need military grade equipment, but I’ve grown so accustomed to it, that I will accept nothing less than the standard. I don’t judge other players for using lower costing replica gear, after all, airsoft is just a hobby and doesn’t demand what actually combat demands. I don’t blame any airsofter for going for deals on gear as long as they can make it work the way they need it to. Again, I’m a purist. I feel it also adds that much more to the Milsim environment as well.

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