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All New ICS MGL Grenade Launcher – Coming Soon!

Introducing the ICS GLM Multiple Grenade Launcher. The GLM is an airsoft reproduction of the MGL. This thing can hold 6 fully loaded Airsoft 40mm grenades. The function and features of this GLM is almost identical to that of a real MGL. Loading is the same, function is the same and it even features a safety as another measure to reduce the risk of misfiring while slung. The cylinder automatically rotates with each shot. This grenade launcher will give your squad a tactical advantage on the field of battle. Much like the real world, a grenade launcher that can fire as fast as the GLM can provide undisputed suppressive fire while allowing your squad to move from cover to cover.

Multi-Shot design, perfect for offensive and defensive applications. Suppressive fire is unparrelled.

Made from a high strength polymer, this thing is both durable and lightweight, ideal for long skirmishes.

To load the GLM, it is much like the real MGL. Rotate to expose the cylinder, drop in grenades, and you’re ready to go.

The GLM features a rail system for lights, lasers and even a top rail for optics.

The stock is adjustable up to 3 positions for angle. This helps for those long range shots, or for different types of ordinance you’re delivering with the GLM.

The GLM also includes a foregrip, which also includes a slot for pressure switches.

The safety is located behind the trigger and is manipulated by the user’s thumb. This allows the GLM to go from safe to hot in under a second.

The GLM is outfitted to accept all kinds of grenades. It is not limited to length or projectiles.

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