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CAR-15 Build

My CAR15 build was actually a bit harder than I was expecting it to be. The primary rifle and gearbox used is a Classic Army Sportline M15A4 Shorty. I dug up a JG M733 upper receiver out of our scrapyard. This was key to the project. I could have easily just swapped out the muzzle, but I really wanted to keep it traditional with this build, so the flat top receiver had to go.

Pulling the barrel from the upper receiver was rather easy. My spanner wrench that came with my KJW fit perfectly and made the job sooo much easier. I am rather fond of JG’s one piece barrel. The Classic Army barrel is a two piece which I actually had to fix in place using Locktite. I kept the CA barrel because it allows for more space for a battery. I’m not rewiring this one to the rear. Everything slid into place nicely! The distinct muzzle is made by G&P. G&P does it differently because they actually have clockwise threads. Thus I had to get my hands on clockwise to counterclockwise adapter. Again, fitted with Locktite.

The hop up is a one piece plastic. I won’t be opening the gearbox up yet, I’m gonna run this rifle stock. I noticed that the barrel is bright blue. Struck me as attractive. The upper receiver of the JG has ears whereas the CA has tabs. The CA disassembles just by sliding forward just like the metal versions. The JG actually has to pivot and the ears have to slip over the gearbox. Not easy. So, off with the ears. I made an attempt to take the clips off and possible glue them to the upper receiver of the JG. Yeah, not happening. I was actually forced to use a Zip Tie as you will notice, to hold it in place. It sounds ghetto, but will have to do until I find a metal upper and lower M16 receiver. In any case, it works.

I matched the rifle with some 20 round style mid cap (130) magazines to give it a more classic look. They worked superbly!. As far as a battery goes, the gun sounds sluggish with an 8.4v Nimh. It came with one, but I’ll probably hang onto it for a few other rifles. I really don’t have any 9.6v batteries that will fit sooooo I went with a 7.2v Lipo. Its a 1600 mAH 20c battery and man does it rip. It pushes the rifle faster than a 9.6 NiMh but won’t totally abuse it. I see myself using this battery for a long time. My other rifles seem to like it as well. Its not AEG eater that a lot of people make it out to be, if you go with a lower voltage and lower discharge rate, it won’t abuse the rifle. It will save on space plus they are sooo much more efficient.

More news on that to come. Honestly, building this project is a fraction of the cost as would be to attempt to track down an actual Classic Army CAR-15 since they have been totally discontinued or dropping the cash for a G&P.

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