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Introducing the All New ICS L85 Carbine (L87)

ICS L85 Carbine(ICS-87) – The excellent design heritage of ICS L85/L86
The most significant feature of L85 is the bullpup design. One of the features of bullpup design is that the bolt group and magazine are placed In the stock behind the trigger The design allows the weapon to be shorter and lighter but keep the same barrel length and effective range. Therefore soldiers can move quickly and agilely in narrow spaces and have the same fire power and accuracy as in open fields. This design provides the best performance and maneuverability. In the mean time The famous Taiwanese AEGS manufacturer, ICS, announced the L85 Carbine after the success of ICS L85/L86 ICS L85 Carbine which have all the advanced designs of ICS L85 A2/L86/A2

The length of L85 carbine Is even shorter than ICS L85 A2 L85, providing very good maneuverability. The even shorter L85 carbine brings the even greater lethality without the compromise of effective range and accuracy. It makes L85 carbine one of the best weapons for CQB. The unique features and Innovations make ICS L85 carbine make this excellent AEG perfect for play and collection.

1. Instant upper and lower receiver assembly/disassembly
The disassembling ICS L85 carbine is the same as disassembling real L85 carbine. You can instantly release upper and lower by pulling out two pins and take out the gearbox for maintenance.

2. Advanced Electric Current Break System
The ICS L85 series are the first models to incorporate the advanced electric current break system. The upper and lower receivers have electric contact points. The current is only engaged when both halves are joined. When the upper and lower are separated, the electric current is broken. The advantages are reduction of wires within the body, which is more convenient for maintenance, and to increase safety during disassembly of the gun.

3. Connecting the battery
To install the battery, all you need are 3 simple steps.

4. Two Stage Trigger
The trigger stroke simulates the real L85. When the trigger reaches the correct position, the electric break module reacts and makes an electrical connection. This is a patented design and will not burn.

5. Charging Handle
The charging handle can be fixed at the rear by pulling it back and lifting the charging handle latch. You can adjust the hop up when the charging handle is fixed. The charging handle can be released by pulling the charging handle back and releasing the handle.

6. Steel Body construction
The barrel base reinforces the structure of the gun body. The entire structure is shock resistant. The receivers are made of stamped steel, just like the real deal. The L85 can even support a 99lb model.

7. Adjustable Spring Tension
One of the most innovative features of the L85 is the adjustable spring tension design. Players can adjust the spring strength by adjusting the spring guide position. It’s very fast and very easy and does not require multiple springs to adjust FPS.

8. Hop Up Adjustment
The new hop up adjustment screw has a phillips head, allowing users to accurately and easily adjust FPS with a screw driver if needed.

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