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So this rifle has sat in a box for a couple of months and it wasn’t until recently that I decided that it needed a total overhaul. After I ripped apart my Sig 552, I had what was left of a high speed gearbox so I attempted to to fit it inside my Dboys 74u. The mosfet and shitty Chinese wiring made it a nightmare to get it fit in. So it sat in a box.

I decided it was a time for second run at it. The silver 7mm Guarder gearbox is way tough, but there was no way for the upper receiver release button would not fit. I actually had to jump BACK to the stock gearbox. I’m not too upset about this, I still carried over all of the other internals. JG gears, Deepfire cylinder head, ICS piston, and Systema cylinder and piston head, etc. The Guarder gearbox was my first attempt at a high speed gearbox. Totally did not work out at all by any stretch of it. Short stroking gears and soldering in mosfets just isn’t my thing. The first thing that I stripped out from the gearbox was the wiring harness. The Angel mosfet is still good to go, i’ll be saving that one for another day, but the rest could not be salvaged. The actual switch assembly was still good to go so I transfered it back over to the Dboys gearbox.

I decided to start with brand new RC car wiring so I made a quick stop over at Covina Hobby and went with 14 guage wiring. Well, 14 guage is just too big. I had to make a another trip to a different RC shop to get 16 guage wiring. Eventually, I got everything set. I drilled out a hole in the top of the upper receiver and with the deans connectors, it now carries the battery externally.

While I was at it, my muse kicked in and I found a simple way to strap on a sight. I found a KAC lower rail just laying around so I got to thinking. I pulled out the heat shroud and flipped it upside down. I put two more sets of holes in the top of the 74u’s upper receiver and strapped down the rail using two zip ties. Its not the most secure or stable, but its not like I’m using live ammo. Right now I have a Leapers 7×40 scope on top right now. Its not very practical, especially with this rifle. It hits hard, but would really need a red dot sight. In any case, I feel I’ve demonstrated some pretty nifty innovation. It will hold over until I track down an MTK83 side mount. I’m definitely looking forward to using this rifle more!

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