Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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Austrian Death Machine

No, not Arnold Schwarzenegger, but my Steyr AUG. This has been an interesting project. This one goes back to my whole OG assault rifles that I have put together during the last couple of projects. It is certainly not my last. There will be other old school rifles to come. We’re expecting some new items to come in over the next few weeks so I will certainly be adding to my collection.

I started with only one AUG that I found in our scrapyard that was made by Classic Army. It was only missing a few parts and the gearbox had no life. The part that was missing was the back plate that holds the gearbox in place.

I thought I would try to fabricate a part which would not have been that hard, but instead I figured it was best that I try and find another AUG. The planets must have aligned because the following day, while rummaging through the scrapyard again, I found a JG AUG that had nearly all of its parts and actually functioned. it was missing a few pieces like the safety and the take down pin for the upper receiver. BUT it did have the gearbox plate and that was what I was going for.

I got the rifle back to the lab and went to work. The one thing that the JG had was the built in scope. It also came with a green stock rather than the black one that the CA has. What was also neat was how the two upper receivers were interchangeable. Definitely a plus! As I was playing around with them, I found that the JG barrel would not fit in the CA upper, but the CA barrel fits in both. Pulling the motor out was a pain in the ass. It has to be properly aligned with the trigger otherwise you can pull all day and nothing will happen. After I got the motor out of the JG, I noticed funky wiring. There were two sets of red wiring going into one lead. The way the rifle works, is that when you pull the trigger half way, it will operate on semi, but when you pull the trigger completely, it will operate on full auto. The JG gearbox did function on both, but only outside the rifle. As soon as I re-installed it, it functioned only on full auto. Not a big deal. The more I inspected the wiring, the less I wanted to mess with the CA gearbox. After pull out the CA gearbox, I decided I actually found the green lower receiver of the JG more attractive even without the trademarks.

I also decided that I would do more work on the barrel of the JG. I chopped off the the front end of the barrel and brought it down by 6 inches giving it a great CQB length barrel. My only issue is that the new CQB barrel only fits on the scoped upper receiver. I’m working on that though. It looks pretty slick with the short barrel and the silencer attached.

I haven’t been able to skirmish with it yet. I’ve been meaning to have a day out at a field where I can really put my newest rifles to the test. I’ve also made the change over to lipo. I discovered 7.4v lipo batteries and now I want to replace all of my nicad and nimh batteries with them. I picked mine up at a local hobby shop and will probably continue to do so. In any case, lipos put out a much more consistent rate of power compared to nicad’s and nihm batteries. 7.4v lipo’s easily compare to 9.6’s. The discharge is even just a little bit higher

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