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Sniper – Part One

Intro To Sniper Roles

First off, allow me to thank all of you who have expressed interest into our Blog and the Airsoft community.
We at ATCT want to give the best tactical training and consulting that we can offer to you. We have a wealth of knowledge at ATCT. All of our consultants have professional skills that have been proven in real world conflicts From Africa to the Middle East to the mean streets of the USA. We would like to bring a more realistic environment to the airsoft world; one that offers more of a planning and professional tactical and technical aspect. We at ATCT like to use airsoft as a training aid, we have found that, if used properly, can help hone are skills to razor sharp perfection. One of these skills is the Art of Snipering.

Snipering is an art and should not be thought of any other way. This is not a glorified job. Snipering is a profession and we have communities for our profession. The biggest thing that sets The US military trained sniper apart from the rest of the world is that we have the best sniper schools in the world…from entry level to our most advanced schools. It takes a special person to want to be apart of this community, for it is not a profession that is smiled on. If you are doing you job correctly then no-one; and I mean no-one will ever know that you were there, but if you make a mistake, the BS starts, and everyone has an “expert opinion” about your profession. With that being said: don’t screw the pooch and you will never have to answer for a dumb mistake.

“What is a sniper?” you ask yourself. Many folks may have an answer to this question, but not necessarilly the right answer.

Allow me to give you a little history behind the sniper. The term SNIPER comes for a little bird in Africa called a snipe, (yes, this true. For most of us that have grown up in the country remember taking our friends snipe hunting. And, if you don’t know this game ask someone who does and he or she will teach you… I am sure of it). The snipe was a little ground bird that ran very quickly across the earth. Those who could identify and shoot this fast little bird were given the title “sniper”.
Another time in history where the sniper had made his mark was during our Civil War between the Union forces of the United States and the Confederate Force of the south. Both sides used them very well, the Union had an organization know as the United States Sharp Shooters(USSS). If ever you have the opportunity to visit a civil war cemetery and you see this on a head stone, this is what it means. The Confederate Army of the south employed snipers just as well, some of the biggest kills during the war from both sides were done by snipers. To be a sharpshooter one had to try out and place 10 shoots into a 12″ pie pan at 200yds. With the weapons of the era this was a task all in itself!

The mission of the sniper is simple: deliver long precision rifle fire at , key targets, select targets, targets of opportunity, and to gain battle information for further ground combat operations. 98 % of the snipers mission is surveillance and reconnaissance and only about 2% doing direct target interdictions(shooting).

The snipers specialized skillset includes camouflage, marksmanship, and surveillance. Today I would like to discuss the factors to camouflage with you and explain how basic and easy it can be!


Skillful camouflage techniques can not only determine the success of a snipers’ mission, but whether the sniper lives or dies. Snipers have outstanding marksmanship skills which are honed through schools and know-how with much fomalized training in the craft. However, his camouflage and concealment is solely up to his imagination. Knowledge of camouflage allows the sniper to carry out his target mission rather then becoming a target himself. The sniper must conceal himself, equipment and his position. This not only applies at all times while moving to the ORP and hide position. but sometimes more importantly when exiting enemy territory and entering friendly lines.
To master camouflage, the sniper must first understand target indicators. Target indicators are certain actions, or lack of other actions that determine whether or not a friendly or enemy soldier is detected. A sniper team must know and understand what target indicators are in order to remain undetected when moving or operating in a hide position. Knowledge of target indicators is also used by the sniper team to detect the enemy

This indicator is particularly noticeable in the dark. Although some sounds, including certain sounds of movement, might be dismissed as natural, other sounds of movement, such as the rattling of equipment, and talking, are distinctly unnatural.

This indicator requires sufficient light. The human eye is attracted to movement, and it detects quick or jerky movements more easily than it does slow movements.

Reflections (shiny facial planes or inanimate surfaces), outlines, and shapes that contrast with their backgrounds draw certain attention to a position

The sudden flight of birds, the abrupt cessation of animal sounds, or the fearful reaction of animals to unknown stimuli will draw the enemy’s attention and can compromise the sniper.

A sniper must use three basic methods utilizing proper camouflage. They are HIDING, BLENDING, and DECEIVING. Hiding is when the sniper places him behind any obstruction that hides him and his equipment from the target. Blending is used when a sniper is within he surroundings and using tactics to avoid visual detection. Deceiving is when the sniper draws the enemy to a false position.

There two types of camouflage NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL.
Natural camouflage is when the sniper uses that vegetation and his surroundings Be sure to use to proper camouflage! For example, if in a position for a long period of time you should change out the natural vegetation that you have used, for it will slowly die and change colors which would lead to visual detection by the enemy.

Team members use materials or substances produced for the purpose of concealing with color or coverage. Examples include camouflage sticks or face paints, nets or veils with which members can cover all of their exposed skin such as their faces, hands, and the backs of their necks. When using camouflage sticks or face paints they lighten the shadowed parts of their faces and darken the shiny parts. They can use stripes, blotches, or a combination of both depending on the local terrain:

A sniper is a master at camouflage and deception of the enemy.

This is what I like to call sniper “arts and crafts”. We pride ourselves in being able to stay concealed while the enemy operates all around our positions. As I said earlier: 98% of the sniper’s mission is reconnaissance and surveillance. It is paramount that a sniper uses all natural and artificial camouflage to keep himself hidden from the enemy, because his whole mission may depend on it.
One of the biggest thing to remember is that as a sniper you are only a small instrument used in the big battle. Having said that, you are an important asset by virtue of being the eyes and years of the mission.
Another point is that your discipline is what makes the mission. Discipline is probably a snipers’ most important tool. Discipline to stay focused at your task and not trying to glorify the job are what are important.

I believe if you put the right sniper in the right place at the right time he can change the world. The disciples of this craft must be as silent as they are professional.

I hope you have enjoyed this segment on camouflage and if you have any question feel free to email us here at ATCT, attn. BUCK.

I would like to leave you with a quote from one of the greatest snipers that operated for this great nation of ours.


May all your shots be straight and true


Instead of doing a more traditional last 3 parts to this Sniper write up Buck would like to offer his time to you. He asks that you email any and all your sniper questions to

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