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Loadout Explanation

A Venture Into Setup

I had a very nice comment recently on one of the articles that requested a write up on two specific topics.
The first is some tips on a standard magazine loadout.
Let’s focus today on magazine load out. With kit setup, it really comes down to personnel preference but I will explain how I setup mine, along with my reasoning. You can choose to try my methods, or if you have something that works for you, stay with what you’ve got and treated it as advice as how others do it.

I will kick this off explaining the picture of my setup. When I refer to directions I am referring them as if the vest is being worn on my body, not directions in the picture. So when I say “left” I mean the left side of the vest as worn…not the “LEFT SIDE FACING”.

The vest itself is an Alauda Centurion TAC SF 2. It is made of Dyneema instead a Kevlar which is a fiber a lot stronger and a lot lighter than Kevlar. The outer shell is ACU, of course, and it has a Gel pack located in the back of the vest that sits against your kidneys, you can freeze the gel pack to keep you cool in the heat. It also has the top half of the MOLLE webbing lined with soft Velcro, so you can easily put any patches or flags where you’d like. I helped design this vest and it is a beautiful accomplishment for Alauda Centurion. I would not recommend it for milsim Airsoft, because a ballistic vest is not really needed in the game, but I am in talks with the owner of the company to make a version that has no Dyneema in it, for the milsim Airsoft Community. The shell would probably be fairly cheap at about $100 or so.

Off of my left side I have my two “Quick Reload” Magazines. I keep these positioned low and right on the left hip. Why? Well when you hold you weapon at the high ready (up like you’re aiming), drop you left hand. It swings naturally to your left side! So if you need to be quick about reloading, put your magazines in a place where it feels perfectly natural for you to grab. I have the curve of the magazine facing backwards also, just because that is always how I have trained to reload, and my muscle memory is set in the exact rotation that has to occur from the mag being in that position. This may be different for others, some may need their mags to face the other way that is all personal preference.

On the left half of the center portion of the vest, I have what we refer to as; “Shingles”. They are single Magazine pouches with additional MOLLE webbing on the front face of them so you have the option to add other items to to your kit such as a single pistol magazine pouch. I carry a total of 5 magazines on my front and one inside the weapon. With Airsoft Magazines that hole hundreds of rounds, this is more than enough for a game.

BUT: that brings me to an additional point. I carry 6 magazines on my back, in three 2x mag holder pouches. So does everyone else on my team. This is not for you, but to re-supply your buddy. If we all have 6 magazines on our backs, this means at any given time, with anyone on the team, you can run up behind them and grab some fresh ammo. I will get into this more and harp on it greatly when I talk about SQUAD composition and duties.

On my front I ONLY use single deep mag pouches. WHY? Because when you start slapping 2-3 mag holding pouches on your kit you become very bulky and wide. Soon you will have trouble fitting into doors, ducking into the prone, or having decent mobility. SO KEEP YOUR KIT SLEEK AND COMPACT!!! That is my biggest point I want to get through to guys: you need mobility, so don’t sacrifice it just to have 100 things mounted to your chest.

Other stuff on my kit: a utility pouch for whatever else I need, a Radio pouch on the far right, a knife, my GPS on the upper left, medical sheers (good for just about anything), a compass, a second chance line and finally my sling.

This brings me to another trick I have come to love, but again, it may not appeal to everyone. I HATE wrapping a sling around my neck. No matter which one you get it will always work its way around your gear and start rubbing on your neck. The solution was I attached a Single point sling by T.A.G. (Tactical Assault Gear) to the vest itself. It is routed to my back and connected. This puts my weapon at a near perfect resting place when I let go, allows for smooth transitions into my pistol which is in a SafariLand Drop Leg holster. It also distributes the weight (of a real M4) beautifully. I recommend trying this, but you need the Single point ring for your weapon if you plan on doing so.

Keep your gear tight and synched, and stay away from sagging and dangling kit. Airsoft Mil-Sim requires maximum freedom of mobility, so match your kit to suit those needs. Set your stuff up to movement that comes natural to you. The one thing that drives me nuts, is when I see a right handed shooter with Magazines on his right side, I am curious to see how he plans on easily reaching those, having to reach under his weapon.

Well, I hope this helped some of you decide on how to make a good setup and if you need any additional advice on pouches and gear feel free to email me. I will be happy to assist you personally to find stuff that fits your needs.


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