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Special Teams

Integrating Other Assets

In the last article we talked about the task organization of a squad sized team.
In this one I am going to touch on special jobs that could be added to a milsim team and how to incorporate them. These aren’t required for success, but more advanced players will benefit by the skirmishes becoming a bit more interesting and challenging. The special roles I am referring to are the following;

Heavy Weapons

I know that by involving a heavy machine gun, grenade launchers and Airsoft demolitions that you are upping the “expense ante”. But, this is just a way to incorporate these platforms into a squad if you have them available.

The grenadiers should be placed singly in the fire teams. An ideal setup would be to have 1 grenadier per fire team for maximum edge and fire power on the enemy. The grenadier is perfect to initiate an ambush on your enemy because the initial round will have a much larger kill zone than small arms fire. Having a grenadier also simplifies work against bunkers and fortified locations.

The sniper is where things will be dramatically changed form real world tactics to the Mil-Sim Airsoft realm. You will see much detail on this when Buck starts his sniper write ups on the 1st of June. With the range being minimized by an Airsoft sniper rifle you are going to have to seriously focus on cover, camouflage, concealment, and security.

I would not put a sniper in a fire team. A sniper would work best in a team of two, the shooter and the security. If the sniper is lying down covered by his gillie, looking down the scope, he needs someone watching his flanks and covering his back while he chooses his targets. I would have the security element place himself 15-20 ft behind the sniper’s position offset with either a slight right or left offset. This will allow security to take down any enemy trying a flanking maneuver against the sniper team. Much more detail will be written in regards to snipers on June 1st.

If you are lucky enough to have someone with a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) or other dedicated heavy support weapon you can master a tactic known as support by fire. This is best utilized with larger sized squads or teams with enough people to have 3 fire teams, one of which being a “Weapons Team”. Your heavy weapon is mainly used for keeping the enemies attention and head down while your fire teams advance and maneuver onto them. We will get more detail into this when I get into the actual tactics and different assaults you can perform on an enemy.

The engineer and medic are a case by case deal.

As a team and the opposing team need to set the rules and guidelines for the medic. If he has props (such as gauze) is he allowed to treat extremity hits and regenerate a player? You can get creative with this and even go as far to creating a casualty collection point in which wounded players may be brought back to for “revivial”. This is all up to you.
In reference to the engineer: if you are lucky enough to have a few claymores by all means use them when you can. Try to lure your enemy into a choke point where you have placed the claymores and take them out. Ways to do this will be talked about more in depth in the actual tactics portion.

Well, that was the brief overview to special teams and how to incorporate them into a squad. I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you’re looking forward to the 1st of June. Buck has some great stuff coming!


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