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CQC/CQB: Food for Thought

Some CQC food for thought. It’s pretty cut and dry, but with a six man configuration you can take on a lot of different building entry scenarios, from a simple one entry configuration, to multiple points of entry. I’ll post my thoughts later in an edit


Close Quarter Battle Tactics: The Darby Document
By Terrance Jones ARNG

Troop 1

Troop 1 determines the initial penetration of the attacking force and the success or failure of securing structures by space control and precision clearance interlocking fire that is assigned to each troop by vector field trajectory assignments. The weapon preference for troop 1 depends on reconnaissance reports on the configuration and size of the building that is to be attacked /secured. This last point will also need detailed analysis of the following:
1. Numerical troop strength of opposing force.
2. Spacing of individual rooms.
3. Overall building configuration.
* The weapons used by troop 1 should provide positive tandem force continuity in regards to initial penetration/ repelling fire of troop 1. This will help troop 1 determine the rate of initial entry room control and the rate of multiple space entry and control.

Troop 2

This assignment is a force multiplier position in urban assault missions, as it will exponentially accelerate the success of single and multiple room space control.
The initial entry assignment of troop 1 will facilitate an opportunity for troop 2 to severely weaken the opposing force by use of decisive marksmanship by M-16 and or handgun depending on reconnaissance factors, as the initial entry assignment of troop 1 should divide the positions of the opposing forces in the room to two vector field trajectory points which gives troop 2 a chance to neutralize several opposition force in one vector field if speed, stealth and surprise factors are successfully taken advantage of.

Troop 3

Troop 3 operates as an attritional force establishment (advancement and space control term in this case) force multiplier along with troops 1 and 5. Troop 3 will give the attacking force more efficient and rapid control of a room due to its lethal rapid fire weaponry while giving the following members of a 6 man team the option of expanding their control to multiple areas.

Troop 4

Troop 4 shares the speed and stealth continuity assignments of troops 2 and 6 on a 6 man team. Troop 4 will decide the rate of multiple room penetration and initial entry room control. This will make multiple room penetration and control possible while reducing the degree of difficulty. Troop 4 must execute his tasks precisely, as he will take on the role of troop 1 if the opportunity exists for more rapid control measures by two 3 man teams. This type of tactical assault should be implemented from the vector formation to facilitate efficient rapid control and relinquish tactics between the 6 man team members.

Troop 5

Troop 5 must implement and exhibit lethal force through proper positioning and appropriate firepower depending on size and configuration of the building. Troop 5 performs redundant control tasks that multiply the options of troop 6. If dual team(3man configuration) rapid control measures are being implemented, troop 5 will assume the vector formation assignment of troop two although, his entry task and weaponry will remain the same. This is made possible by precision and speed in regards to all troop tasks.

Troop 6

Upon entry, troop 6 will cover multiple gaps in the vector field trajectories of troops 1-5 with precision shooting by handgun or M-16. This coverage task will enhance the efficiency and lethality the 6 man team by redundant space control tactics. In a vector assault from the vector formation, troop 6 will take on the assignment of troop 3 to facilitate multiple room penetration and control by troops 1-3.

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